Why most people don't get the firming results they are looking for

Why most people don't get the firming results they are looking for

If you have skin that is sagging, loose or just starting to slide, you will probably find this page because you are looking for something that really works, without having to resort to surgery.

We know the main reason most people don't get the results they want is a lack of education among the skin clinics who aim to treat them.

Many Skin clinics, including many of them here in the Southbank and South Melbourne area, are so often just using the machines they have invested in until they are paid off, regardless of whether those machines are giving the results clients are looking for, or not.

How does this happen?
Firstly, skin clinic owners are very busy.  They have a lot to do. 
There are very few of them who get a chance to leave Southbank/South Melbourne, get out of town and visit clinics around the world to see what is current and what is getting really good tightening, lifting results. 

Often the better they are today, the more likely it is that they will fall behind tomorrow. After all, if your skin clinic is fully booked, you don't have a lot of time to travel the world and look into the best technologies!

Just like in the medical field, after graduation and opening a practice, a busy practitioner gets much of their information from visiting representatives of device suppliers.  They come touting the latest lasers, IPLs, tightening devices, HIFUs...the list is long. 

Each of these devices represents a serious investment for a skin clinic owner, and they need to be able to operate them until they are paid off. |Nobody wants to be paying off a skin tightening device that has already reached the end of it's life cycle.
But what if the device turns out not to be good at tightening and lifting the skin?
What then?

There is almost no chance a skin clinic can return a tightening and lifting device to the manufacturer.  It's almost impossible.  
The excuses a clinic owner will hear vary, but they include:

- everybody's skin is different so not everyone will get a firmer, tighter skin

- clients need to follow all the aftercare rules to get a good result

- there is new technology and we are happy for you to trade in this machine to buy another one.  The skin clinic is scared to do that, because if the first device didn't work well, why would this one?  Nobody wants to throw good money after bad.

All of the above are valid, but it's pretty disappointment if you have invested in a skin tightening device and you find out it doesn't work. 

So this is just ONE reason why some people are being sold treatments to tighten up their skin, that end up not working. 

Another reason is EDUCATION. 
When skin clinicians / dermal therapists / beauty therapists and skin therapists study, they learn a lot about the individual systems in the body.
Many of them go on to study more about the skin.  There are plenty of skin therapists out there who can tell you all about cell turnover, barrier function, and everything about how the 'skin' works. 
They can fix skin and make it gorgeous. 

But this is not all they need to know.
In order to get a skin to tighten and lift, skin therapists need to know a lot about many areas. 
Here are just some of them:

- how to produce somadatrophin growth hormone in the body using exercise in order to aid in collagen production

- what type, frequency and style of exercise, and how to do that safely for that individual client who wants to tighten and lift her skin. 

- what nutrition is going to help the person wanting to tighten their skin

- which foods are harming the tightness of the skin and making your skin sag

- how medications are going to impact your skin sagging or skin tightening

- what impact the climate and environment has on your skin.  For example you might think 'I live in South Melbourne and the weather there is like XYZ' but actually, even within the small area of South Melbourne and Southbank has a wide variety of ways people live and differing environments.  Some people are sleeping in hot rooms beside the freeway overpass, others have bedrooms opening onto a cool terrace garden on a quiet street.  These things matter for so many reasons and different skincare and lifestyle advice is relevant for each of these people.  Even different skincare ingredients. 

- how much work the person has done to trigger collagen production BEFORE having a tightening or lifting treatment done.  If you have just come to the skin tightening party today, we are doing to need to do a bit to get your skin jogging, before asking it to run the marathon of a non-surgical facelift. 
That makes it sound like a lot of work but it's really not. 
Getting the skin 'fit for the fight' is about knowing what lifestyle, ingredient and exercise triggers to pull to get skin producing collagen in that particular person. 
This is where individual experience comes in.  Does you skin therapist really know how this stuff works? 

The combination of the right machine, in the right hands, on the right person, at the right time, after the right preparation - all go into the mix, and how that cake looks and tastes is deeply individual and dependant on all these factors. 

If you want to get good results with skin tightening, non-surgical facelift techniques, we highly recommend you start with an Ulfit Consultation at Natashas Skin Spa. 

Performed in a private treatment room right here at our Southbank skin clinic,  you will find us easily located beside Ink Hotel, at 171 City Road.  We are just a block away from Crown Casino, Crown Towers and Crown Promenade. 

You'll be able to park right outside, come in off busy Southbank and experience a peaceful, calm atmosphere where our skin therapists can take the time to learn all about you, your lifestyle and see if skin tightening is going to be right for you.

We have multiple types of skin tightening machine, all of them TGA approved, clinically proven to work then submitted to the TGA, a government body who assesses the data and says whether or not we can make such claims. 

Most of all, we have highly experienced skin therapists who have worked here in our Southbank skin clinic for many years, performed hundreds of skin tightening treatments and non-surgical facelifts, and know just what to choose for each persons unique skin tightening needs.

If you would like to visit us, please book in online or drop into our Southbank skin clinic today.  We would love to help you achieve good firming, tightening results with treatments that really work.  

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