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Revive7 Science Lash Growth Serum

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Are you looking for Eyenvy Lash Growth Serum? 
For awhile now we have sold both Eyenvy and Revive7, plus 2 other lash brands, all at the same time. 

We like to give you options of the brands you know & trust. 

We find Eyenvy & Revive7 to be equally good results.  
Our other brands are not quite as intense, but the Revive7 is excellent.

Eyenvy is sold out worldwide.  The company has been discontinued.  We even contacted them to ask if we could buy it.  But Health Canada has reclassified it as a drug, it's made there, and so it's not viable for the brand to get that new certification and carry on.  They have chosen to shut down.

Fortunately we have their main competitor brand on hand, formulated by a lash artist who knows good lashes, and with a powerful formulation to get your lashes longer, fast.   We trust this brand having worked with it for some time, it is not 'almost as good' it is definitely AS GOOD and it also is more eco-friendly packaging, which is a win for the world, and your lashes.  

Result in 7 days, which is why it's called Revive7.  
Included in our BlackFriday sale at 20% discount.  

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