Dermapen4™ Intimate



This treatment is for people who want to de-age and refresh the skin of your 'brazilian' area.  A high-tech treatment for modern skin by Dermapen4™ technology.  Precisely revises scars, ingrown hairs, darkening and ageing. 


Dermapen4™ Intimate

Begins with a cleansing of the pubic area & a light refreshing peel. 
A single, sterile-use cartridge is loaded into the Dermapen4™ 

Passing it over the skin it makes micro-channels into the skin. 
This breaks down old scars, lines, pigmented skin and triggers regulation of pigment, new collagen formation and firming fibres. 

If you suffer repeated ingrown hairs or have scarring from ingrowns, caesarean or surgery, V-Juve by Dermapen4™ is a game-changer for you.
Includes the bikini line, mons, labia majora.  Excludes sensitive internal areas and between buttocks.  Can include a small amount of the buttocks near the crease if you want.  

Downtime: some pinkness, avoid UV & swimming for a few days
Sensation: mild, not painful

Allow 45 min $349 / series of $1745