LightBath™ Collagen Capsule

Lightbath is a capsule that looks just like a lie-down solarium (sun-bed), but it isn't one. There is zero UV involved.  

Lightbath is empowered with hundreds of red L.E.D.s (light emitting diodes), creating a ruby glow to bath your entire body.
There are a few reasons to use Light Bath, but all of them focus on a sense of wellbeing & self care.  

    • Red LED may aid muscle recovery & body healing. Our guests with pain, injury or intensive workout schedules claim it reduces their recovery time and helps them feel more comfortable. 
    • LED in the red wavelength can stimulate the collagen production in your skin & help skin control inflammation.  Sufferers of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, and people seeking firmer, calmer skin all over, love the LightBath.
    • Many surgeons recommend red LED to prepare for plastic surgery.  
    • Many surgeons recommend red LED to aid recovery from plastic surgery & the associated scars.  


    LightBath™ Collagen Bed session 

    During your treatment you will be in a private room, shown the button to turn the capsule on, and left to undress.  Lying down, you have the option for the lid to be open or pulled all the way closed.  Either way is beneficial, but if closed you can treat both sides of your body at once. 
    Remove your makeup first if you want the benefits to include your face.  Disposable underwear & wipes are provided.  

    After 30 minutes, apply the lotion provided, get dressed and carry on with your day feeling glowy from top to toe.

    30 min session $75
    $50 when added to your facial, massage or body treatment

    Sessions are beneficial as a once off for body comfort, as a course taken every 2-3 days to see skin benefits.  


    LightBath™ Collagen Bed packages

    Prepay 6 at $70 each $750           
    Prepay 20 at $63.75 each $1275
    Prepay 24 at $60 each $1400 
    Prepay 30 at $56.20 each $1687.50
    Prepay 36 at $52.50 each $1890