Series Package Conditions

Many of our amazing treatments are available as a prepaid package.  This gives you access to great savings while you get great results.

Packages cannot be shared, they are for one person to use only, and cannot be transferred to another person later on.  

Packages cannot be booked online, you will need to book them by email, SMS or phone.   If you try to book it online, it will ask you to pay a booking deposit, as this is how our booking system works.  

Availability of package appointments is limited to what we have free.  We cannot cancel other appointments to accomodate you, so please book ahead. 
Most of our guests will forward-book the entire series of appointments at once to ensure desirable times are available. 

If you decide not to go ahead with an appointment, it's imperative you give us 24 hours notice, or you will lose one appointment for your package.   
This includes if you are unable to attend for reasons of illness, childcare, traffic, or work obligations.  We understand sometimes things happen, which is why we have this policy, to ensure we remain viable to serve you for years to come.  You can rest assured that if you need to cancel with less than 24 hours notice, your valued therapists will still be paid for their time, and be happy to see you again next time. 

If for any reason the treatments you buy become inappropriate for your skin, we will re-work the package to include treatments which are appropriate. This is rare & is determined by our professional assessment.   We do not exchange for change of mind.  

We also do not exchange because another clinic tells you our treatment is not appropriate.  We are qualified to do the work we do, legally permitted to make such assessments of your skin and we are not directed by unrelated practitioners and their second opinions which are often given to you in order to re direct your business to them.  Our ethics are not dictated by other businesses. 

Series packages are non-refundable including if you decide to leave the country, move interstate or to another location, change work locations or any other reason. 

Purchasing a series package indicates acceptance of our terms & conditions.