Lashes & Brows

Treat yourself to meticulously shaped brows and perfect lashes to frame your beauty!
Your eye styling service will be customised to suit you now and in the future.  
We use skin-friendly waxes, high quality tweezers, tints and lifts.  

Brow Sculpture

Enjoy a true professional brow shape, that starts with someone who really listens to what you want.  It's about bringing out your personal style. 
After a good consultation, we will measure your brows and draw them on so you can approve the shape before we start.  
Then we wax, tweeze and shape to perfection, then apply organic soothing cream and sun protection.  

20 min $38


Brow Tint

A custom mixture of tint colour will find the light hairs at the edge of your brows and make them look more even throughout.  (nb. test patching is not required due to the low-allergen tints we use.)

10-15 min $20


Lash Tint

Throw away your mascara and enjoy 4 weeks of dark lashes that look naturally longer.  (nb. test patching is not required due to the low-allergen tints we use.)

20 min $45


Lash Lift

Curls and fans the lashes for a full, pretty look that lasts around 8 weeks. Not a lash extension but a natural lift.  We consider the Lash Lift an anti-aging treatment for the way it lifts the eye area and creates a fresh, awakened look.  So pretty.

30 min $75


Lash Lift & Tint

Lift, fan and darken your lashes for the most gorgeous flutter in town.  

60 min $110


Beautiful Eyes Trio

Everything to frame and define your beautiful eyes.  Lash tint, brow tint & brow sculpture.  Recommended 4 weekly.  

30 min $84


Beautiful Eyes Trio & Lift

The ultimate eye makeover.  Lash tint & lash lift, brow tint & brow sculpture.  Recommended every 8 weeks, with Beautiful Eyes Trio (no lift) in the 4 weeks in between.  

60 min $159






"I trust nobody else with my brows.  If I'm not in town, I just let them grow wild till I get back to my brow go-to.”   Jane C. Port Melbourne