When you receive your order please check it right away to ensure everything is correct.  If there is any discrepancy please notify us within 24 hours of receiving it. 
In case of damage to your delivery, please photograph it and send to 0434082354 right away.  Do not use damaged product as we may request it to be returned.

If your order is missing anything, or contains an incorrect item, please let us know within 24 hours.  We will be in touch ASAP to rectify it. 

We do not accept returns for change of mind, or where you do not like the product or do not get the results you were looking for.  
We accept returns in accordance with Australian Consumer Law. 

To ensure you always purchase what is ideal for you, we offer a Telephone Consultation Service with our skincare professionals.  You can book this online, or you may sms or phone 0434082354. 

Our delivery address for returns is: 
Natashas Skin Spa
1/171 City Rd Southbank
Southbank 3006 Victoria

Thank you for your custom, we will do everything we can to make you another glowingly happy customer of Natashas Skin Spa. 

What to do if you have a Strong Response to Product

We sell active, professional strength skincare.  This kind of skincare is designed to cause significant changes in skin function.  
There are many skin functions, and they do not all change at once.  Sometimes, for example, the first thing to change is how fast skin is growing.  Skin may, for example, become rough and dry in the first few weeks of using a professional quality Retinol.  During that time, your skin is growing quickly.  But the glues that hold skin together have NOT started to be produced very quickly - not yet.  They will catch up soon.  Meantime, your skin will not be as well 'glued together' so other products may sting, or you may look pink or bumpy. 
This is a normal transition to Retinol use. 
This is just one example of what 'can' happen.  It's unusual, but possible. 
No matter what happens with your skin, you can reach out to us for guidance. 
We do not offer refunds or returns if this happens, or for allergic responses, as we cannot know in advance if this will happen.  But we are experts in skincare, and we will always have useful advice to guide you through the process of building a healthier, more resilient and more beautiful skin. 

What to do if you have a Suspected Allergic Response

For the reasons above, and many others, it is possible you may think you are having an allergic reaction. 
Before you panic, this is what to do:

1.  stop using all and any skincare
2.  under no circumstances should you introduce other skincare 
3.  take a photo of your skin in good light, without makeup, sms to 0434 082 354 
4.  call us right away.  We will perform a phone consult and guide you back to skin health

Please note we cannot help you if you have introduced other products or taken steps which we do not recommend.  We are available at all times, 24 hours a day on our clinic mobile, or you can email us

Due to the variable nature of human skin, we do not provide refunds due to allergy, or if you feel the product is not for you.  Fortunately true allergy is rare, and it's much more common that skin is readjusting to the influx of active ingredients, which settles when guided by a professional skin therapist in a timely manner.  Adjustments may be needed, and the outcomes are usually very good.