Pure Fiji Spa Body Treatments


Pure Fiji &  Natashas offer you the worlds most delicious, while effective, body treatment menu.  
World famous in spas, for a million relaxing reasons.  


Coconut Creme Body Polish

A soft body exfoliation for skins that are drier, fragile or prone to sensitivity.  The Coconut Creme Scrub is a friend to skins in need of a thorough yet gentle polish.  

A super-fine coconut shell powder combines with coconut cream & pineapple enzymes, buffing away your dull skin to leave you unclogged, refined, soft...

Completed with a nourishing, hydrating body lotion in your choice of light tropical aroma.   

Allow 30 minutes $148 



Tropical Sugar Glow 

A drenching of milk from coconuts wets your body.  Handfuls of crushed sugar cane intensely exfoliate till your skin glows.  

This scrub not only removes surface dull skin, it melts to release natural exfoliant from the sugars.  You may know them as 'alpha hydroxy acids' in advanced skincare.  They are found in nature, and when used in this way they will release bumps, lumps and impurities from the skin oh-so gently.   It's actually two exfoliations:  one with the manual scrub action of the sugar, a second with the sugars magical melting powers.  

The base mixture of tropical nut oils (macadamia, coconut, dilo & sikeci) will leave your skin elastic & moisturised.   

Expect delicious aromas of guavas, coconuts, mangos, moringa... and the softest skin you've ever experienced.

Allow 30 minutes $148




Paradise Ritual Coconut Wrap  

A ritual to softly polish & repair damaged body skin.  Coconut-crème scrub is a gentle, soft body exfoliation, ideal for a drier or more sensitized skin type.  After removing it with hot towels, you are painted with a warmed coconut-butter wrap, deeply nourishing & repairing skin layers.  

Loved by people with eczema, psoriasis, dryness, or those who just love a full body nurturing.  You'll feel soft, calm and deeply moisturised.  

  • coconut crème body exfoliation
  • warm coconut-butter body wrap 
  • coconut hydrating body mist

Allow 1 hour $235


Anti-Aging Guava Nourishing Wrap

Combat the visible effects of skin aging and restore the appearance of a younger, more toned body with Pure Fiji’s Signature Guava
products. This treatment begins with a raw cane sugar scrub followed by a body masque application and warm oil scalp massage. Our
Anti - Aging Botanical Blend is enriched with Guava fruit high in Vitamin C boosting Collagen production, toning the skin whilst hydrating,
nourishing and leaving skin with a healthy glow!   Take it alone, or book with another treatment. 

  • guava sugar scrub
  • guava body masque
  • warm oil foot massage

Allow 1 hour $235



Tone & Glow

Combat the visible effects of skin aging and restore the appearance of a younger, more toned body with Pure Fiji’s Signature Guava
products. This treatment begins with a raw cane sugar scrub followed by a warmed oil massage and body butter application. This ritual is
completed with a warm oil scalp massage. Our Anti-Aging Botanical Blend is enriched with Guava fruit to tighten and tone the skin whilst
hydrating, nourishing and leaving skin shimmering with a healthy glow!

  • guava sugar scrub
  • warm oil body massage
  • body butter application
  • warm oil foot massage

Allow 1 hour 15 minutes $255


Dilo Nourishing Wrap

Tropical dilo nut oil that works wonders on sunburns and other skin irritations. High in vitamins A, C and E and combined with coconut oil
and aloe makes a super charged healing cocktail for the skin.

Designed for clients with highly sensitive skin, sunburn, eczema & dermatitis.

  • dilo calming body masque 
  • dilo calming face masque
  • warm oil foot massage

Allow 1 hour $235


Ginger & Herb Detox Body Wrap

Lighten the load of stress and environmental factors while boosting circulation, stimulating metabolism and ridding the body of harmful wastes in the skin.

Your entire body will be gently massaged with a warm herbal oil to begin the deep clean.   Free your body of impurities and dead skin with a ginger & herb exfoliation that feels like a brand new start.  

A masque of Ginger Root & moisture boosting plant extracts infuses essential fats to repair & purify the skin.  

A foot massage completes this stimulating experience.  You'll feel light, fresh, clean & renewed. 

  • herbal oil application
  • ginger & herb body exfoliation
  • ginger root botanical body masque
  • foot massage

Allow 1 hour  $269


A.H.A. Body Perfecting Ritual 

Refine your skin, softening, decongesting, firming and perfecting.  
This is a true 'skin treatment' for the body, for those seeking something quite corrective while they relax. 
A polishing, refining exfoliating frees skin of old cells, preparing it to receive the 
masque rich in natural A.H.A's, special fruit-derived exfoliating acids that melt away sun damage, roughness and wrinkles.  This masque is a warm wrap that feels softening & gentle.  
Hot towels remove it all, before a hydrating layer of botanical balm leaves skin repaired, refined, perfected.  

Loved by people with keratosis pilaris, bumps, ingrown hairs, sun damage, rough skin and body acne.   And those who just love the best anti-aging body wrap!

  • A.H.A. perfecting body exfoliation
  • A.H.A. perfecting body masque
  • exotic oil foot massage
  • exotic oil hand massage
  • nourishing hydrating body lotion application

Allow 1 hours $255


A.H.A Back Perfecting Ritual 

Your back is often neglected but you can restore skin to a healthy glow with this perfecting back treatment. An application of Pure Fiji’s AHA Perfecting masque is applied and massaged in with warm beach stones to begin the exfoliation process enzymes break down skin and remove environmentally damaged skin cells. Next, the skin is buffed to perfection using the Sugar Rub which contains pure cane sugar blended with exotic oils and is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
This scrub goes deep into the dermal layers removing dead skin cells and allowing the skin to soak up the nutrient rich oils, a treat our backs don’t often get!
A nutrient rich refining botanical balm made with pure leaf hydrosols is then applied to complete this service leaving the back relaxed and skin toned, smooth and glowing.

  • A.H.A. perfecting back masque
  • A.H.A. perfecting back exfoliation
  • nourishing hydrating body lotion application

Allow 30 minutes $155


Royal Milk & Honey Ritual 

Fijian Honey & Coconut Milk are combined to create a Royal Fijian Ritual. This treatment is designed to hydrate, nourish, tighten and strengthen the skin. Organic Cane Sugar combined with exotic drift nut oils gently exfoliate the skin. Next, a moisturizing honey masque high in antioxidants and vitamins is applied and gently massaged into the skin using warm stones. A Fijian Scalp Treatment concludes this ritual leaving your body soothed & replenished by a little bit of island milk & honey.

  • coconut milk & honey sugar scrub
  • coconut milk & honey body masque
  • warm stones massage
  • warm oil scalp massage

Allow 1 hour 15 minutes $275


Honey Cellulite Ritual 

Fijian Honey & Coconut Milk are combined to create a Royal Fijian Ritual. This treatment is designed to eliminate toxins as well as tone and firm the skin.
A deeply exfoliating coconut sugar scrub stimulates circulation and drainage, before a masque made of coconut milk gel, reparative honey to improve elasticity and improve elasticity for a skin less waterlogged, firm and able to bounce back. 

  • coconut milk & honey sugar scrub
  • coconut milk & honey body masque
  • warm oil foot massage

*please note, this treatment does not claim to change cellulite, which requires much more intensive clinical body treatments like Ulfit Cellulite.  What it does do is provide soothing relief for the swelling & soreness that often accompanies cellulite.  It's a lovely soothing treatment that makes the body feel light & fresh.

Allow 1 hour $255



Coconut Lime Blossom Skin Renewal 

Gently but effectively get a total skin renewal with this ultimate lime body peel treatment rich in antioxidants. Your ritual begins with our Skin
Renewal Peptide pre-treatment to loosen the bonds between the surface layer of skin cells for a deeper exfoliation. A Fijian scalp treatment using
Coconut Lime Blossom Oil is performed while the skin peptide works away. This is followed by raw cane sugar exfoliation to polish away any
remaining dead skin while nourishing newly revealed skin. Finally, a hydrating lotion is applied and Coconut Lime Blossom Hydrosol spritzed all
over the body to tone, soothe, restore and lock in moisture. This treatment will help improve smoothness, clarity and radiance while evening skin
tone. It will balance oil levels in the skin, tighten pores and activate complete skin cell regeneration while restoring hydration levels.

  • renewal peptide skin pre-treatment
  • coco-lime blossom warm oil foot massage
  • coco-lime blossom sugar scrub
  • coco-lime blossom hydrosol body hydration

Allow 1 hour $275


Paradise Stone Massage

Warmed stones are placed on the body and combined with a nourishing Exotic  Massage Oil to release tension, restore balance and increase positive energy flow. The stones are used to gently encourage sore muscles to relax and surrender as circulation increases bringing a sense of well-being and harmony.

Allow 1 hour $189


Tropical Mama Massage

Relaxing full body pregnancy massage to treat the common discomforts of pregnancy, reduce tension and anxiety. Along with Pure Fiji’s nourishing oils this will also improve skin elasticity, hydrate and nourish the skin. Transport you and your bump to a tropical island paradise.

Allow 1 hour $189