Dermapen4™ Stretchmarks


Can you really fix stretchmarks?  Your friends will say no.  People will say it's not possible and it's all a fad.  Except they're wrong.

Stretchmarks are a rip in the fabric of your collagen structure.  They are a trauma.
What you see on the surface is the tip of the iceberg.  The very surface is wide, but it runs deep.  There's a triangle of ripped tissue descending down into the skin, at least as deep as it is wide.   When it ripped, the repair process formed a knotty scar tissue.  You might even be able to feel it. 
This is why creams and promises will do NOTHING for your stretchmarks.   Real treatment is going to require that we break down that scar - physically break it. 

Our treatments use a TGA approved clinical device Dermapen4 to poke tiny holes into the scar tissue.   This re-traumatizes the skin so it can re-grow.  What's different this time is that you are not currently stretching the skin.  So the new growth is tighter, knitting that rip back together.  With Dermapen stretch mark treatment, we rewrite your skins history.


Dermapen4™ Stretchmarks

Select your area: hips, buttocks, upper arms, abdomen, thighs...
Now let's get started.

  • Cleansing preparation
  • Sterile single-use cartridge & disposbles
  • Dermapen4™ treatment of stretchmarks and the surrounding tissue
  • Re-treatment focus on the stretchmarks themselves
  • Peel applied in the marks if they are silver.  If we use this technique, you'll form a scab along the line, lasting up to 2 weeks. 

Sensation: vibrating & prickling
Downtime: pink, especially on the lines, possible pinpoint marking & tiny bruises in some cases lasting up to 2 weeks.  Avoid UV & swimming for a few days. 

40 min $349 / series of 6 $1740 / add to another area for $110