Peach Treat


A baby-smooth bottom free of blemishes, ready for your bikini, bed or birthday suit.  

We combine advanced skin technology with discrete, personalised treatment to give you confidence & clarity in your skin. 


Peach Treat

Begins with TGA approved Clairderm Microdermabrasion to sweep away dull, deal layers of skin leaving your booty smooth & decongested.  

Microdermabasion is a spray of crystals onto the skin, exfoliating and stimulating blood flow.  It is vacuumed off in the same motion, revealing a fresher, clearer skin. 

If you have blackheads or pimples, we gently remove them while wearing disposable gloves. 

Then we apply Detox Mask to hydrate, purify and brighten your booty.  
It sets & is peeled away, revealing clearer, smoother skin.  Aids healing of old blemishes and with repeat treatment, can help you get free of ingrowns and bumps.  

Allow 45 min $199 / series of 6 $998