M-Sculpt™ Muscle



M-Sculpt sends pulses of magnetic resonance into your muscles, causing them to contract 100%.  A short session is equal to hundreds of exercises in the gym.  A cycle of M-Sculpt consists of 3 treatments a week, for 4 weeks, a total of 12 treatments.

Results happen as muscle builds, beautifully firming & shaping your body.  

M-Sculpt™ abdominals

  • for a flatter stomach
  • stronger abdominals can support spine health & reduce back pain
  • may improve Diastasis Recti after a pregnancy or injury

    30 min $180 / package of 10 $1800 

    M-Sculpt™ legs

    • firm up the front, back, sides of your thighs
    • increased strength
    • may reduce cellulite

    30 min $180 / package of 10 $1800

    M-Sculpt™ inner thighs

    • firm up this hard-to-improve area
    • may reduce cellulite
    • give back that shapely inner thigh curve

      30 min $180 / package of 10 $1800

      M-Sculpt™ buttocks

      • the ‘non-surgical booty lift’
      • lift, firm & shape your bum
      • get the roundness you want
      • if you want to, you can even INCREASE the size of your booty
      • the non-surgical alternative to the BBL, this is the most famous ability of the M-Sculpt™

        30 min $180 / package of 10 $1800

        M-Sculpt™ upper arms

        • build up your biceps
        • firm the triceps & lose the bingo-wings
        • get the smooth arms of your youth!

          30 min $180 / package of 10 $1800



           Why would I book this instead of just exercising? 

          The beauty of M-Sculpt is that you can do it while lying down, achieving many thousands of contractions of your abs, buttocks or thighs that would normally take months in the gym to achieve.  You should never stop exercising, it's very important to still take daily exercise.  

          Who is M-Sculpt™ for?

          It’s most suitable for people who have a little bit of a problem area, or who just haven’t been exercising for so long that they find exercise hard.
          While you still need exercise (cardiovascular health, circulation, mental wellbeing, flexibility…) M-Sculpt will give you results that most of us wouldn’t get, simply because we don't have the time or tenacity.

          What will I experience during M-Sculpt?

          In your private consultation suite, you’ll be left to undress to your underwear and lie down on fresh clean towels, with a towel over you for warmth.  

          Elastic straps hold the applicator paddles on you.  

          The device is turned on and makes loud clicking sounds as it 'primes' the muscle for contraction. 
          Then it begins contraction cycles.  
          You will feel deep, intense contractions.  We adjust it to your comfort level.   You will feel vibration, but no heat or pain. 

          Can I use my phone?

          Magnetic resonance can disrupt your phone signal.  Phones must remain off.  
          You may like to bring a book or your iPad and headphones to watch something.  


          Your muscles may feel tired because they have worked hard.  They may feel a little worked out in coming days.  

          Will it mean I don’t have to exercise?

          It’s important to understand that M-Sculpt is not a substitute for exercise.
          You should still engage in regular exercise for cardiovascular benefits, and to engage not just one, but all of your complementary muscle groups, on a regular basis.

          What M-Sculpt does that exercise doesn’t, is engage 100% of the targeted muscle, as opposed to normal exercise which can only engage 50% of the muscle fibres at a time.
          This may lead to much faster muscle development & fat apoptosis.


          When should I exercise?

          When you treat an area with M-Sculpt, give it a rest day before specifically exercising that area.  

          It’s fine to go for a walk, swim or do some gentle yoga.

          It's okay to do same-area exercise before a session. 

          Over time, many of our clients find exercise easier. 
          M-Sculpt is a great option for people who want to accelerate or define the results of their gym workouts.  

          It’s also a great adjunct to aid recovery for people who have injuries or back problems, helping them to build the core stability needed for a healthy back.  

          If you are under the care of a muscle or back specialist, it's important to check in with them before having M-Sculpt™.  Safety first.  


          When will I see results?

          Muscle building is a two-part process:
          Breaking down muscle by working or 'stressing' the muscle
          Building up new muscle fibres

          Most clients report they feel tighter & firmer a few days later, just like you would if you exercised in the gym.

          But the real changes are seen over time, for 2 reasons:
          1. the muscle continues to develop
          2. the more muscle you have, the more fat is burned on a daily basis

          Is it a guaranteed result? 

          We cannot guarantee how you will respond to M-Sculpt, but we have lots of happy clients.

          To give yourself the best chance of success, follow a healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water and take in excellent nutrition. 
          If you are unsure of what good nutrition looks like for your body & goals, ask your doctor to refer you to a medical dietician for advice.