Sensitive Skin Treatments

Natashas Skin Spa facialists are professionally qualified to treat sensitive skin with care.  
We know sensitive skins often miss out on the best professional treatment out of fear - of not being heard, of being overtreated, of coming out red and sore.  That's why we created an entire skincare range for sensitive skin. 

Your Natashas facialist will customise & recommend what is right for you.  But if you'd like to explore the options for yourself, here are our top picks for sensitive skin treatments.  



Sensitive skin is often inflamed.  This is usually because over time, sensitive skin suffers many low-level or short-lived inflammatory episodes, which damage the intercellular glues that bind skin cells together.  
This leaves skin with gaps between cells, essentially with 'holes' in it. 
Therefore everything you apply, even the most soothing of products or ingredients, has the potential to enter far too quickly, setting off further nervous impulses and inflammatory responses. 

Healite triggers the production of substances that make up this 'glue'. 
Skin becomes better bound together, better able to hold out pollution and aggressors. 

Your skin will be calmer, less red and less sensitive after a single session. 

To get skin in great shape, a course of Healite is a great place to start your 'sensitive' skin health journey.

You will then be in a good position to move to your other skin goals, with less risk of a reaction, and you'll be able to tolerate better, more active skincare. 

Treatment involves lying on a facial bed, a gentle cleanser & a nap under the light.  It shines painlessly into your skin with zero risk.  Results are calmer skin immediately. 

Sensation: relaxing
Downtime: none
Suitable in pregnancy & 4th trimester

30 min $110 / series of 6 $550


Spa Heaven™ Facial 

 Ideal for stressed, sensitive skin that needs calm, repair & hydration.   This facial uses a long, luxurious massage to calm the stress that contributes to sensitive skin.  It uses Natasha's own ranges of skincare, specifically designed for sensitive skins with calming, healing botanicals like kakadu plum and jojoba oil. 
This no-nasties skincare line allows you to indulge in a full facial ritual without fearing a strong skin response.  

  • Milk or foam botanical cleanse of face, neck, decolletage, eyes
  • Gentle smoothing exfoliation if skin can tolerate it
  • Healing mask
  • Exquisite melting 20 min Signature Smoothing Massage™
  • Hot Stone foot & lower leg massage
  • Hand massage
  • Aromatic steam compress towels
  • Hydrating serums & creams complete your experience

Sensation: relaxing
Downtime: none
Suitable in pregnancy & 4th trimester

    60 min $188 /  series of 6 $940


    Evidence Results™ Facial

    Sensitive skins are calmed, balanced without missing out on the precision results of a cosmeceutical skincare range.   

    We use O Cosmedics skincare with ingredients like Epidermal Growth Factor, ceramides, anti-inflammatories like liquorice and anti-oxidants to reverse the oxidative stress that a sensitized skin is suffering.  

    • Ultrasonic deep cleanse
    • Thorough exfoliation to refine & decongest, if your skin can tolerate it
    • Pomegranate enzyme treatment 
    • Extractions if needed 
    • Hydra-Plus treatment mask
    • 20 min Signature Smoothing Massage™ of your face, neck, shoulders & decolletage
    • Hot compress towels 
    • Repair serum, eye cream, recovery cream & SPF
    • Light foundation if desired

    Sensation: relaxing
    Downtime: none
    Suitable in pregnancy & 4th trimester

      60 min $188 / series of 6 $940