Acne Skin Treatments


Acne is a serious skin concern that causes pain, emotional distress and scarring.   We have helped thousands of people gain clear, calm, blemish-free skin with our evidence-based approach.  

Your acne journey is as much a personal commitment to your own health as it is a desire to look good.  We understand this and offer effective treatments to get your skin clear quickly & safely. 

The following treatments are suitable for the active pustular stage of acne when you still have breakouts.  

If breakouts are no longer your main concern, even if you just have a few of them left, please move to the Acne Scarring menu.  It is critical that you treat the scars, because left untreated they can lead to acne recurrence in the future.  

Let's begin...



Healite™ LED 

First, let's calm the inflammation.  Healite will soothe, reduce swelling, redness and bacterial count associated with acne in 20 minutes. 

You will get off the bed with visibly better skin.  Zero risk, instant improvement. 

30 min $110 / series of 6 $550


Oxygen Enzyme Peel 

Clears dead skin buildup, frees up the pores from congestion, restores healthy oxygenation via blood flow for a healthy colour.  All while reducing the swelling. 

Your skin will be left with a strong, optimal pH level (acidity) so it can fight it's own battles against bacteria.  

During the treatment blood flow will temporarily increase to the skin surface.  This irrigates the skin with nutrition and helps remove embedded bacterial colonies.  
Blood flow then retreats back to a calm, clear colour by the time you leave the clinic.  
As the blood retreats, it takes with it wastes which are accruing in the skin as a side effect of the constant battle against acne bacteria. 

Treatment finishes with Purifying Alginate Mask to soothe & hydrate.  

Best for: pustular, sallow, hormonal, blackheads, smokers, all-round acne goals
Sensation:  hot & tingling for 10 minutes during, calm after
Downtime:  none
Notes: suitable during pregnancy

45 min  $148 / series of 6 $745


Alpha Beta Peel 

Once your skin is acclimatised to clinical skincare, it can tolerate more intensive treatments, and that's when it's time for Alpha Beta.

Alpha Beta is a combination of 2 ingredient groups proven to help acne quickly:

1. Alpha Hydroxy acids remove the buildup of excess dead skin which all acne sufferers have, and increases free water in the skin. 

2. Beta Hydroxy acids remove thick oil deposits, unblocking pores.  Beta is highly anti-inflammatory, calming and cooling.  

Most clients will have Alpha Beta at some point in their acne journey.  It is a fast clearance for blackheads and each treatment shows a significant improvement in the acne condition. 

Best for:  oily, congested, lots of blackheads, thick.  
Prep: Before having this treatment you need to be using Beta Hydroxy acid in your home skincare for a minimum of 2 weeks to acclimatise the skin and ensure an effective, safe result.Downtime: pink for a few hours, easily covered with makeup. The skin may flake slightly after several days as it sheds old buildup.  
Notes: not during pregnancy or trimester 4

30 min $198 / series of 6 $995


Dermapen4™ Acne

Dermapen4 is the most popular acne treatment at Natashas.  You can have it as a beginner or at any stage in the acne journey.  If we have our way, every acne client will have this ASAP. 

Acne bacteria can't live in the presence of oxygen.  That's why you don't have pus on the surface - the air around you is killing the bacteria. 
Dermapen4™ opens micro-channels into your skin, letting in oxygen & killing the acne causing bacteria.  (p.acnes & c.acnes).

Acne infections causes tears & rips in the skin tissue, which skin repairs by 'knitting' knots.  This pulls your skin out of shape, making it look red, pitted and bumpy. 
Dermapen4™ releases those knots & makes skin grow new, smooth tissue.  
This makes Dermapen the favourite session for acne, as it reduces current breakout while repairing damage from past breakout.  

Best for: blackheads, acne & scarring, clients prepared to use post-Dermapen4 skincare at home
Downtime: pinkness for up to 2 days easily covered with makeup, transitional dryness at day 5-7
Notes:  not during pregnancy or trimester 4

45 min $349 / series of 6 $1745


Body Acne

Any of the above treatments can be taken on the face, back or buttocks.