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Natasha Smits Retinol 0.2% in Squalene Serum 30ml

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Choose this serum to access all the wonders of Vitamin A, with none of the irritation. 
Natasha formulated this serum because after 20 years of prescribing Vitamin A products, there was an obvious gap for a Vitamin A suited to sensitive skin. 
This has quickly become our best-selling skincare product.  

Vitamin A is famous for it's ability to negate oxidative stress, environmental pollution, it's ability to regulate sebum, encourage natural exfoliation, and even assist with DNA repair and expression.  
Yet many people cannot use it without irritation. 

This clever oil-serum is different.  With encapsulated crystalline formula, it melts into skin with a calming elixir quality.  Unlike other encapsulation techniques, ours is the first in the industry to use a wax bead encapsulation - nothing synthetic, all easily recognised by the skin.  

Fighting acne, aiding inflammation, and helping to firm skin, it can be used nightly on top of other serums, or on it's own. 
For experienced users, you can mix it with other types of vitamin A to step it up even further. 

This is a must-have in any Natasha Smits skin routine, because Vitamin A is destroyed in your skin by all forms of light, needing replacement daily for a truly healthy, glowing skin. 

How to Use:

At night time, after cleansing, apply 2-4 drops to your hands, then smooth a thin layer over your face, neck & decolletage.    It's okay to work it around your eye area so long as you stick to the orbital bone/brow bone and don't go in any closer.  
For an oily or normal to dry skin this will be enough.  For a true dry skin follow up with a cream moisturiser.  

Step it up:

Every few nights, mix in an O Cosmedic Potent Retinol 0.5% or Retinol Concentrate 1.0% and experience multiple types of age-reversing benefits.  If you choose to do this, expect transitional dryness and flaking as your skin cell production steps up, pushing off old layers.  This will not last more than a few weeks, but you may wish to seek guidance from your Natashas Skin Spa facialist before commencing.  

Featured ingredients: 

// Australian Made
// Plant based
// Vegan 
// Reparative
// Sensitive Suited
// Facialist Approved

30ml.  Recyclable lightweight glass dropper bottle with no extra boxing or waste.  Cabin-friendly for air travel.  

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