Sagging Skin

Is your skin sagging but you don’t want surgery yet? 

Sagging skin is a common concern for our guests.  We have every tool at our disposal to correct it without surgery, right here in our Southbank skin clinic.

There are multiple layers to address when it comes to ‘sag’ and many things on the market fail because they don’t address every layer. 

We offer you powerhouse technologies to truly lift, firm & shape your face through every layer - at every age. 

Sublime Skin Firming

Sublime uses a gentle, truly painless radio frequency in a patented device, rejuvenating the layer between skin & dermis (deep skin).  As this layer degrades with time/age, it ‘slides’, losing adhesion and volume.  
Sublime adds back volume, firms, smooths and resculpts tissue.

Ideal for sagging under the eyes, above the eyes, nano-labial folds and the neck. Restores facial texture & the velvety volume of more youthful skin. 

Can be used from age 20 as a preventative sculpting treatment.  Hugely popular for over-40’s as a way to tighten up & give back the velvety volume.  

Sublime™ Face     30 to 60 min $449  /  series of 6 $2245

Sublime™ Neck      30 to 60 min $449  /  series of 6 $2245

Sublime™ Face & Neck      60 to 90 min $499   /  series of 6 $2495

This device is TGA registered in Australia ARTG ID: 218767

Sublime Skin Sculpting Facial™

All the benefits of Sublime Skin Firming (above) plus a refining skin peel, soothing Alginate mask and a shoulder mask.

Lift & firm your skin with radio frequency, a super gentle yet super lifting technology that contracts & tightens the collagen scaffold under your skin for a contoured, tighter face. Focuses on the eye area, around your mouth, jawline firming and neck. This facial doesn’t included any massage but you may ask for massage to be added on if you wish for $30.

This facial employs patented Sublime™ RF technology. It’s also possible to contour and tighten the skin on your body. For more options see the full Sublime™ menu.  

Using O Cosmedics skincare & Syneron device. Not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

  • Oxygen Enzyme Peel to refine texture & even tone
  • Sublime™ radio frequency to lift, tighten & firm 
  • Alginate Firming Mask 

    1 hour $499 includes face / series of 6 $2495
    1.5 hours $599 includes face & neck / series of 6 $2995

    This device is TGA registered in Australia ARTG ID: 218767

    Ulfit™ Series

     Lifting your face without surgery is a lofty goal. 

    Ulfit™ holds TGA approval for safe, non-surgical lifting of the SMAS layer.
    The same layer lifted in a deep plane facelift, the SMAS wraps your muscles to innervate your fascia.  

    In laymans terms? Your muscles are wrapped with something Ulfit tightens.
    It then tightens the dermis (deep skin) and epidermis (skin).
    Ulfit is not for skin.  It lifts deeper than that. 

    You can expect tighter facial contours along the neck, brow, jawline & cheek.
    Smoothing of fine lines around the mouth & eyes. 
    And a lifted, definitively younger appearance.

    Ulfit™ Lift

    foreheadHollywood Lift

    After your Ulfit non-surgical facelift,