When skin starts to sag it’s a confronting situation.  Do we want to age gracefully, listen to our friends who tell us not to worry about it, or listen to others who have somehow magically stayed firm and fresh?  
The secret we have to share with you, is that more people than you think have had a bit of help.  Not all interventions are surgical, and not all involve cosmetic injectables. 
The reality is that a firm, fresh skin tissue is a healthy one.  It means a good volume of collagen, the same fibre supporting our blood vessels and cushioning our very facial bones against injury.  There is no need to worry if you ‘should’ firm and lift your face.  What you should ask yourself is if you want to, and who you trust to do it. 

Our skin firming & lifting technologies are chosen for their seriously impressive outcomes.  They’re  not a ‘have ten and maybe it will help’ type of treatment. They are visible, profound results that bring people from all over to trust us with their plan to age well & feel beautiful in their skin.  

Hollywood Lift™

Irons out the fine lines & wrinkles using ultrasound technology by Cluederm called Ulfit. 

This treatment is for skin that is creased, sagging, thinning and needs improvement in texture with reduction in lines and wrinkles. 

Can be performed as often as once a month.  Results are instant and continue to improve over 8-12 weeks as new collagen formed matures & tightens. 

Comfort level: slight discomfort, Downtime: few days pinkness, Frequency: as often as monthly if desired, Results: instant but continue to improve for 12 weeks.

x 1 x 6
Face   includes forehead, mouth, jawline, cheeks, décolletage $1200 $6000
Face & Neck   includes forehead, mouth, jawline, cheeks, décolletage, neck $1600 $8000
Forehead $400 $1900
Around Mouth $400 $1900
Neck $400 $1900
Decolletage $400 $1900

Ulfit™ Non Surgical FaceLift

Ulfit Lift really tightens you up.  It works on 3 planes in the face:  fascia overlying the muscle, the same layer lifted by a surgeon when performing an actual surgical facelift; the dermis, and the skin itself.

You get a 3 dimensional lift.  It’s transformational. 

For skins that are showing jowliness, sagging, thinning, deep lines, wrinkles and a loss of texture and density. 

Can be performed as often as once, then again 3 months later, thereafter can be performed every 6 months.  Results are intense enough that you will not need this particular treatment more often than that. 

Results are seen instantly, then continue to improve over 8-12 weeks, when we can see the majority of the result.  Results continue to improve for a total of 6 months, making this a sound age-defying investment.  

Comfort level: uncomfortable Downtime: swelling up to 3 days, tenderness possible 7 days.  Not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Frequency: 1 session, wait 3 months, 2nd session, wait 6 months, 6 monthly thereafter. 

If you wish to enhance the results with other treatments, Hollywood Lifts can be performed as often as monthly in between if you wish. You may still have any other type of treatment if you’ve had this, but you cannot have this more frequently, simply because it’s so powerful more treatment at that depth is not needed.   

x 1 x 2
Face & neck 60 min $2700 $4860
Face & neck & décolletage 60 min $3100 $5580
Face & neck & décolletage & double chin fat 75 min $3300 $5940
Face & neck & double chin fat  75 min $2900 $5220


Ulfit™ Double Chin Reduction

Ulfit™ uses the power of ultrasound targeted to the thick fat pad under the chin, reducing it in volume and tightening the tissue lying over top of it. 

Reducing & tightening your double chin up gives a sculpted refinement to your profile. 
Each session gives a result, you may need several to achieve your desired reduction.  

Comfort level: uncomfortable Downtime: swelling & tenderness 3 days
Not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Frequency: monthly until desired result is achieved. 

x 1 x 3
Ulfit™ Double Chin Reduction 20 min $600 $1620
If booked as along with another Ulfit area 20 min $200 $570