Hyper-Pigmentation & Sun Damage

Uneven skin colour is the most aging skin condition of all. 
Research shows that people perceive others as younger if they have more even skin colour - not, as most of us assume, if they have less wrinkles.  Who knew! 

Clinically we call talk about 'pigmentation' not 'even skin tone' because it's the brown pigment that is causing the problem. 

Brown pigment in our skin is a protective mechanism against UV radiation from the sun.
Uneven patches of pigment appear when the skin thinks it's at risk.  This could be from hormone surges such as during pregnancy, from medication, illness or certain health conditions.  Or it could be from using the wrong skincare.  

Regardless, the first step is pairing with a qualified skin therapist right here in our Southbank skin clinic.  We can guide your skin to a more even tone, clarifying your complexion and making your skin bright & beautiful. 


Healite™ L.E.D. Light Therapy

Repairs the barrier so skin will stop over-producing pigment to protect itself.  Your skin will feel calmer, better hydrated, more elastic within a mere 13 minutes of light application.  There is no UV, and no skin trauma with this treatment. 
Ideal for people whose skin is reactive, sensitive to heat or trauma, and need to be careful with their skin and not 'push' it.  Zero risk treatment. 

20 min $99 / series of 5 $495 / series of 10 $990

Comfort level: relaxing.  Downtime: none.  Suitable but not tested during pregnancy & breastfeeding.


Bio White Pigment Peel

Gently lifts away any surface pigmentation that's sitting on the top, instantly clarifying your complexion. 

A layer of pigment-relieving ingredients in an exfoliating enzyme blend disrupts the production of new pigment. Followed by the famous O Cosmedics Brightening Alginate Mask.  Skin is left hydrated and calm, clear and glowing.

40 min $155 / series of 6 $775 

Comfort level: relaxing.  Downtime: none.  Suitable while pregnant & breastfeeding.


Catalyst Retinol Peel  

For skins where hormones are making the skin darker, Retinol is a powerful ally that regulates pigment production from the deepest layers. 

This peel involves an infusion of encapsulated retionol to regulate production, storage & transfer of pigment. 

Retinol increases the number of new cells being created, which pushes off the old colour deposits, leaving a renewed, even skin tone.   

40 min $198 / series of 6 $990

Comfort level: relaxing.  Downtime: possible to be a little pink for a day.  Transitional dryness possible day 5 resolved by day 7. Not suitable while pregnant & breastfeeding.

Dermapen4™ Face

The gold standard for pigment regulation is the Dermapen4™ microneedling technology.  We break up the existing lakes of pigment using thousands of micro-channels that reach the pigment-producing layer.

Your skin then naturally clears away that pigment from within for a more even-toned, clear and firm appearance.  Dermapen4 regulates so many other skin functions giving seriously good results. 

We perform thousands of Dermapen4 sessions every year, more than any other single treatment, at Natashas Skin Spa.  We are the first choice for Dermapen4 skin needling in Melbourne.   Each session includes: 

  • Deep cleanse 
  • Microderm Exfoliation
  • Dermapen brand Uber Pro Peel to instantly brighten skin surface
  • Brite Lite serum infusion
  • Dermapen4 treatment of face, neck, decolletage using sterile, single-use cartridge
  • Brite Lite Sheet Masque
  • Cover Recover post-procedure makeup if you want it

40 min $349 / series of 5 $1745


Dermapen Meso-Glide BriteLite (MG-BL) Ampoules set of 5 $249 

A concentrated dose of brightening, pigment-disrupting active ingredients to be applied in-spa immediately prior to your Dermapen service.   Safe to infuse with the Dermapen treatment, you'll see faster resolution of your pigment.   Ampoules are kept here in the spa for you & added to each treatment. 


Elos™ Photo Rejuvenation  

Using the targeted power of intense pulsed light, Elos light reaches into skin & shatters pigment clumps.  They come to the skin surface over 2 weeks & simply fall off.  

Your skin tone becomes milky clear, with a complexion reversed by decades.  Significant results are seen in a single treatment.  Some clients will have up to 3 treatments in a row, performed a month apart, to reach their desired level of skin perfection. 

 Face $199
Face & neck  $229
Face & neck & decolletage $249
Décolletage  $199
Back & shoulders $499
Chest & stomach $499
Backs of both hands $99
Arms $199
Half legs $299
Full legs $499


Are you ready to start skin treatment to correct your pigmentation and sun damage?  

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