Hormonal Acne Treatments


All acne has some hormonal aspect, but the acne that appears in adult life tends to have specific characteristics which require unique treatments.

Hormonal Acne or 'adult acne' is a specialty of ours.  Natasha first opened a skin clinic because she was unable to source effective skin treatments for her own acne.  20 years later, we are experts in guiding hormonal acne sufferers back to skin health.  Your skin deserves evidence-based, ethical acne treatments.

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Healite™ LED

20 minutes lying under the Healite™ will reduce the swelling under your skin that is a key feature of hormonal acne.  
The clinically proven wavelength of light will reduce the acne bacteria, while improving the production of collagen, elastin and vital nutrient exchanges in your skin cells.  Leaving your skin calmer, clearer and happier after a single appointment. 

If inflammation is a key feature of your acne, with lumps, especially along the jawline, a course of Healite™ is a strong start to your acne journey.  

Sensation: relaxing
Downtime: none
Suitable in pregnancy & 4th trimester

30 min $110 / series of 6 $550


Oxygenating Enzyme Peel 

A gentle yet powerful clearance of cell buildup, inflammation and waste to decongest and calm hormonal acne. 

Oxygenation through improved blood flow will help your skin clear wastes from the inside out, without the need to break or abrade the skin. 

Finished with a Purifying Alginate Mask to soothe, hydrate & calm, your skin will be visibly improved in a single appointment.  

Sensation: hot for 10 minutes during, relaxing 
Downtime: none
Suitable in pregnancy & 4th trimester

45 min $148 / series of 6 $745

Catalyst Retinol Peel

This is an infusion of high strength vitamin A, which regulates oil flow, cell turnover, and improves scarring.   Because it is so strong, you must be using clinical-strength retinol regularly for at least 2 weeks prior, to open the Vitamin A receptors on your cell walls. 

After applying the peel and working it in, you will go home wearing it.  It is not visible on the skin.  It continues to work it's way down over the coming 8 hours. 
When you wash it off, your skin will be calmer and clearer.  

Recommended as soon as your skin is tolerating vitamin A at home. 

Sensation: relaxing
Downtime: none, possible transitional dryness on days 5-7
Suitable in pregnancy & 4th trimester

30 min $198 / series of 6 $995

Dermapen4™ Acne 

Using our TGA-approved Dermapen4 device, we open micro-channels in your skin to allow oxygen in, which will naturally sterilise acne bacteria hiding deep in skins layers. 

Congested layers are broken up and released from the surface, reducing compaction & thereby reducing future breakouts.  Collagen & elastin production increase by up to 400% from a single session, remodelling the scars, marks and malformed oil glands that feature in all hormonal acne skins.   

Best for: people prepared to use clinic-grade skincare at home, hormonal breakout with lumps, swelling, pustules or blackheads, acne scarring

Downtime: pinkness for up to 2 days maximum, easily covered with makeup.  Increased breakout after 3 days, lasting 2 days then decreasing to less than your starting level. 

Sensation: comfortable, prickling
Downtime: pinkness up to 2 days, can wear makeup
Not during pregnancy or 4th trimester

45 min $349 / series of 6 $1745