Healite™ L.E.D.


Healite™ L.E.D. Light Therapy

Best to heal, calm, repair skin that is inflamed or acne-prone.  
Best for skins seeking to firm & improve collagen, sleep better & lift mood.  

Simply take a nap under the clinically proven Healite, and wake up with clearer, firmer, more glowing skin.    One treatment is a great skin booster, with visible results seen right away.  A course of treatments will build a strong, firm, resilient skin with less lines & less breakouts.

You will love your instant Healite™ glow.  

Comfort level:  relaxing
Downtime: none
Pregnancy & 4th trimester: suitable

30 min $99 / series of 6 $495


Healite™ with LumaHydro Gel

Add the hydrating value of Luma HydroGel Mask for a moisture surge during your Healite.  Normal masks cannot be used under LED, as they deflect the light away from your skin. Luma HydroGel is designed especially to be activated by the light.
Making it the perfect glow-up duo for your skin.

30 min $129 / series of 6 $644


What is the technology behind Healite™?

Healite is a canopy of light suspended over your skin with 1800 individual light emitting diodes, called L.E.D.s for short.

LED's shine light into your skin, at a strength & wavelength that has particular clinically proven benefits.  The light stimulates your  mitochondria or 'cell battery' to take cell nutrients & splitting them up to release energy.

This energy is then allocated to whatever processes the cell sees fit.
This improves nutrient exchange, metabolic processes, new tissue formation, inflammatory control, and an overall healthier skin results. 



When would I choose Healite LED over other treatments?

Most skin treatments are about directing skins actions - they are bossy!
For example, a peel gives specific chemical directions to cells.  
An ablative laser removes specific target cells and pigments.  

But Healite is different.  Healite simply gives cells energy to do what they see fit. 

Cells know what they need to do, so it does whatever is most urgent with the energy.  Because we are not directing the cell, we cannot get it wrong.

This makes Healite the treatment of choice when we want to ‘first, do no harm’. When we want to help a skin that is traumatised, inflamed, irritated, or recovering, Healite is the best choice.  

When we want to continually energise a skin to make it behave younger & better, Healite is our non-invasive, ready-to-glow skin treatment.