Enlarged Pores

While pore size is initially genetic, pores can enlarge over time through excess oil production, incorrect product use, acne or blackheads.  

Especially if you have had acne or blackheads, or oily skin today or even in the past, enlarged pores are likely one of your skin concerns. 

Enlarged pores are a common condition that can give skin an uneven texture. They can capture makeup, making foundation look uneven or patchy.  If you want to shrink large pores for a flawless texture, help is at hand. 
Refine your pores at the skin clinic that really cares.  Smooth, irresistible skin is not far away.  

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

A perfect peel of 30% pumpkin enzymes, pumpkin extracts and jojoba esters, removes redundant cells to decongest pores and leave less cell clutter to refill them.  An entry level peel, suitable for newbies & sensitive skins. 

30 min $125 / series of 6 $625

Comfort level: relaxing  Downtime: none  Not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding

Oxygenating Enzyme Peel

Plumps, hydrates, refines and renews by accelerating removal of the old skin surface layers.  Skin will be fresh, clear and visibly smoother.  Includes a peel and Alginate Purifying Masque to calm & refine your skin. 

40 min $155 / series of 6 $775

Comfort level: tingling during peel  Downtime: none  Suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding

Alpha Beta Peel

A powerful blend of alpha and beta Hydroxy acids to melt away congested plugs of oil deep in the skin, loosening and shedding away compacted skin layers to reveal a refined skin texture and a clearer skin surface. 

30 min $198

Comfort level: hot during peel   Downtime: days 3-5 transitional dryness and flaking  Not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding


The first most effective option for enlarged pores available anywhere is Dermapen4 revolutionary treatment.  We perform thousands a year, and the results are stunning.  

Skin is prepared with a smoothing peel, then we make micro channels into the skin breaking up old compacted layers, and breaking down the walls of enlarged pores.  Triggering huge amounts of new collagen growth, the pores become tighter through increased collagen support in the pore walls.  Small scars and imperfections are reduced, and the skin becomes more dense, resilient and smooth.  

40 min $349 / series of 6 $1745

Comfort level: some discomfort but not painful  Downtime: possible pinkness for a day easily covered by makeup

The Melbourne Method™

A faster path to reduce enlarged pores than any other treatment. 
Includes the exceptionally effective Dermapen4™ Treatment, preceded by a Healite™ L.E.D. Light therapy to activate new cells and hydration, finished with a masque to rehydrate and refine further.  

  • Uber Pro Peel
  • Healite™ L.E.D. Light Therapy
  • Dermapen4™ treatment
  • Hyla Active Sheet Masque
  • Aftercare including Cover Recover post procedure makeup if desired

1 hour $449 / series of 6 $2245