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MG-HA35+ Ampoules box of 5

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A set of intensive ampoules to delivery intensive results, quickly, in a course administered by yourself at home.  

MG-HA35+ Plus All Skin Ampoules deliver intensive hydration ingredients to the depths of your skin, for a surge in moisture to elevate skin function.   

This is the double-strength version of HA35 ampoules, for people who want the very best skin hydration on offer in the world today.

MG ampoules offer a dose of corrective treatment ingredients at concentrations normally reserved for use in a clinical setting.   

These are the same intensive ingredient ampoules used in our clinical Dermapen MG needling treatments here in the clinic. 

You can purchase a set of ampoules to use at home, once a day as an intensive treatment course.  

Or, bring your ampoule along to your Dermapen treatment & we will infuse it using the clinical depth Dermapen device.  

Presented as a boxed set of 5. 

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