Rosacea is a common inflammatory condition which causes facial flushing, redness and dry lesions (or pimples as they're commonly called!) 

It usually affects the central face but can slowly spread beyond the nose and cheeks to the forehead and chin. 

It involves the skin itself, plus the lymphatic, nervous and vascular systems.  To get relief, we work on the barrier function, strengthening the blood vessels, calming redness and controlling the breakouts that can be a painful part of the rosacea condition. 

Healite L.E.D. Light Therapy

Healite is a medical grade, TGA approved device that emits a gentle, comfortable light onto the skin.  It is excellent for sensitive conditions where skin needs to be worked on with minimal touching. 

20 min $99 / series of 6 $495 / series of 10 $990

Comfort level: relaxing, Downtime: none

Pomegranate Enzyme Peel

One factor affecting Rosacea skins is a mite named demodex, which lives on all of us, but in rosacea sufferers we see a higher population of demodex.  While it may seem counter-intuitive to ‘peel’ such a sensitive skin, this type of peel is actually a gentle enzyme from pomegranate fruit.  Applied as a gel, it helps skin naturally control demodex, while freeing it from congestion and rehydrating in one vitamin-rich hit.   Skin is left soft, clean and relieved.

30 min $125 / series of 6 $625

Comfort level: relaxing, Downtime: none

Oxygenating Enzyme Peel

Skins with congestion and thickening can benefit from the cleansing effect of encapsulated cerasome oxygen mixed with mango enzymes & lactic acid.

Rosacea benefits from the adjustment of pH level through this fantastically brightening, hydrating peel.    Finished with a Soothing Alginate Masque, a lift-off rubberised mask that feels calming & leaves skin tone less red.

40 min $155 / series of 6 $775

Comfort level: tingles during some parts, Downtime: none


Dermapen4™ strengthens the network of blood vessels supplying the skin, making them less fragile and reducing the diffuse redness associated with rosacea and sensitive conditions.  
A single treatment triggers several hundred percent more collagen production and angiogenesis - new blood vessel production.   Rosacea skin needs more healthy vessels to supply skin with immunity and more collagen to thicken the walls of existing vessels to stop them leaking. 

Dermapen4™ Is the fastest way to rebuild a traumatised skin.  With our skilful guidance, you can look forward to improved skin function and a stronger, healthier skin. 

40 min $349 / series of 6 $1745

Comfort level: some discomfort Downtime: pink for up to 3 days, easily covered with makeup

The Melbourne Method™

For those who want the maximum results in every treatment, this is our most trusted treatment combination: 

Healite™ L.E.D. Light Therapy to enhance cell-to-cell communication and build barrier function
Uber Pro Peel to instantly strengthen skin
Dermapen4™ Treatment with sterile, single-use cartridge & sleeve
Hyla Active Sheet Mask to soothe & hydrate

1 hour $449 / series of 6 $2245

Comfort level: some discomfort Downtime: pink for up to 3 days, easily covered with makeup


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