Skin Consultation

First Time Skin Consultation

The first time you visit us is important.  It's about meeting a skin therapist you feel safe with, can trust and whose advice makes sense for your needs.

First Time Skin Consultation involves cleansing your skin, assessing it, listening to your concerns and goals, then giving advice. 

You will receive

- personalised skincare recommendation
- personalised skin treatment plan recommendation
- $60 redeemable on skin treatment booking

This is the most valuable investment in your skin, mapping a path to skin health & meeting a guide for the journey.  

Optional:  we may or may not perform Observ Clinical Photography.  This shows us the underneath of your skin, revealing things not visible to the naked eye and showing us the skins future health many years in advance.  Some clients find it confronting & don't wish to have it, which is totally fine.  If you want to have Observ photos, you can. If not, we can still do an effective & relevant consultation for you.  

Skin Checkup

If you are already a client of Natashas Skin Spa, and you would like us to review your current skincare routine, please book a Skin Checkup.

This allows us time to cleanse, re-assess, discuss and create a new treatment plan or skincare routine to suit your current needs.

Recommended every 3 months at the change of season, to ensure your routine is always perfect for the changing needs of your skin. 

$60 redeemable on skincare purchases

Advanced Skin Consultation

Advanced skin consultation is suitable for people who want to learn a lot more than the average person about their skin. 

This is usually booked by people suffering skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, persistent acne, rashes or skin conditions that are triggered or made worse by stress. 

It is highly recommended for sufferers of adult, hormonal acne who will need more support to get their skin on track.

Advanced skin consultation is only available with senior skin therapists and is a learning session to enlighten you with decades of our passion for skin health. 

Please note - you can still book a standard consultation to get good advice for the above skin conditions.  Advanced consultation is about diving deeper into triggers & lifestyle adjustments.  

1 hour $150