Lifting & Firming

Sublime Skin Firming

Layers treated: skin upper to medium layers.  
Uses radio waves to stimulate new collagen firming fibres anchoring the skin to the dermis beneath.  Good for skin that seems to be ‘sliding’ or slipping, fine lines, loss of volume and improving the skins texture.  Improves skins plumpness, volume, texture and firmness, smooths lines. 


Ulfit Lift

Layers treated:  upper, medium and deep layers 

An intense treatment for the medium to deep layers.  Uses ultrasound to tighten fascia overlying facial muscles, tighten the dermis & skin, giving the best lift possible without surgery.  Results are impressive and lasting. 

After an initial treatment, you can choose to have a second one 3 months later if you wish.  After that, wait 1 year before re-treating if desired.  A single treatment gives a strong result and subsequent treatments are only needed if you want a stronger result.  

Results are seen immediately but intensify over 8-12 weeks, with the full results of a single session being seen after 6 months.  

Single series of 2 series of 3
 Lower face (under cheekbones to under jawline) $1100 $1980 $2640

Ulfit 2D Lift

Layers treated: upper to medium layers

A treatment to smooth and ‘iron out’ fine lines and wrinkles.  Using ultrasound to stimulate skin tightening and giving a significant result.  Known as the ‘Hollywood lift’ it can be performed as often as once a month, keeping your skin in the most youthful possible state.  More results than any other tightening treatment, results are instant, lasting and intensify for the 8-12 weeks following your appointment, continuing to improve.  

Single series of 5 series of 3
Neck  $400 $720 $960
Jawline $400 $720 $960
Decolletage $400 $720 $960
Around mouth $400 $720