Dermapen4 Aftercare

Dermapen4™ Aftercare

After your Dermapen4™, everything you put on will reach far deeper than skincare normally would. 
This is okay, it's a benefit of Dermapen4™, so long as what you put on is designed to get that deep.  Ordinary skincare at that depth will cause problems. 
You may not see these problems for decades.  Ordinary skincare can cause granuloma scarring or 'pinpoint scars'.  Just like the bed in The Princess & the Pea, that tiny pea of scarring is  hidden under many layers.

As you age, those layers thin out, and the 'peas' may be revealed.  This could look like a permanently rough texture or 'chicken skin'.  Don't risk this, it's just not worth it.  Use the suggested skincare & aim high with your skin health.  

Cleanse with one of the following products:
DP Dermaceuticals Triphase Cleanser
DP Dermaceuticals CLR Cleanser
O Cosmedics Gentle Antioxidant cleanser
Natasha Smits Luxury Cream Cleanser
Whichever you use, use tepid water to emulsify it into your skin, then remove with a damp Skin Shammy or super-soft cloth.  You can purchase a Skin Shammy from Natashas if you want one, they last a year and are $22.

Avoid all toners for 2 days, and toners with exfoliating ahas in them for a week.

Apply only the serum recommended by your therapist.  You may find you go through more of it than usual. That’s a good sign, as your skin is absorbing more. Ultimately this will give you more benefits.

Apply only the moisturiser recommended by your therapist.  You may need more of it than usual.  Skin Veneer by DP dermaceuticals is our most popular post-Dermapen moisturiser as it creates a real 'veneer' of protection & feels extremely soothing.  

Every day, not just today, apply SPF30+. 
The only options we recommend you use are: 
O Cosmedics Mineral Pro SPF30+ (clear or tinted options, replaces primer too)
DP Dermaceuticals Cover Recover (replaces SPF & foundation)

Please note that the majority of mass market SPF's are toxic to skin cells & recently The Cancer Council SPF was found to contain benzene, an ingredient that should never be on your skin.  This is public record and you can read about it here. 

Do not use ordinary makeup for 2 days.  
Safe makeup options to use immediately, and highly recommended ongoing are:

O Cosmedics 1Skin Treatment Foundation

DP Dermaceuticals Cover Recover Foundation

 No Exfoliating for 7 days
Until skin feels back to normal.  

Apply Hyla Active Mask or Brite Lite Mask by Dermapen the following day for at least 15 min
The copper, zinc and b5 content will calm your skin and accelerate healing.  

For best results apply Hyla Active Mask or Brite Lite Mask daily for 5 days
This will keep cells supremely calm and hydrated as they revitalise.  You'll definitely see superior results if you choose to do this optional step.  If you don’t have this mask & want to get it, give us a call or order it in our online store.

Stay away from bacteria, heat and UV
That means no saunas, spas, swimming pools, hot baths or really hot showers.  Not the time to hit the beach or go for a long walk in the sun. 
Up your sun protection awareness with a hat, sunglasses and always O Cosmedics SPF. 

This is not the time to try something new
Don't be tempted to try a sample, pick up a new mask, subscribe to a beauty box or have a further skin treatment elsewhere.  Even seemingly innocent products can cause serious issues after Dermapen.  Do not compromise your results! 

Little breakout after a few days?
Here’s why: Skin is covered in lots of types of bacteria all the time. Even if you don’t know it. It’s a normal part of the skin micro-biome. These bacteria compete for resources (food). Because Dermapen™ lets oxygen in, which kills acne bacteria, the acne bacteria aren’t taking any food resources, and this leaves MORE for the other types of bacteria.
So a few days after Dermapen™, it’s quite common for the staph bacteria to have an increase in numbers, which looks like a little bacterial breakout.

The way to treat it? Use DP Dermaceuticals Clini-Prep spray $34.95. It’s a simple, safe, Dermapen™ approved fix. And call your therapist, let them know you are breaking out.
This type of breakout does not last long, a few days at worst. It’s important you don’t attack it with extraction or any of the usual methods you might use for your breakouts, because it’s not the same type of breakout. The bacteria causing it are not very resilient, and they won’t survive long. It will normally self-resolve in a few days.

If you need us, get in touch
There are no silly questions.  We would rather hear from you now, than hear you went to the chemist for advice, or to someone who really cannot know what we performed, how deep, and why.  We are the best people qualified to address all your concerns and we are always at your service. We love progress pics, questions and special requests! 
Please be aware that things CAN go wrong with skin treatment, and when they do, your GP, Pharmacist or other health practitioner will have 1 main priority - to stop discomfort & prevent infection. This can lead to them recommending things that are not ideal for a skin recovering from Dermapen & will seriously compromise your results. It is not that it is ‘wrong’, it is because they are not trained in Dermapen skin needling and will not understand the nature of the process your skin is going through.

You may reach out to us anytime on 0434 082 354 .