Cosmetic Injectables Aftercare

After Cosmetic Injectables it’s important to follow the safety rules.

Cosmetic Injectables are a wonder of modern times, but we can not forget they are scheduled drugs. The aftercare rules are not to be taken lightly.
This is our go-to guide for beautiful results .


A week before

- Stop taking fish oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, aspirin, ibuprofen. The only exception is if one of these is medically prescribed.


The night before

- Get plenty of rest

- Avoid alcohol

On the day of treatment 

- No heavy exercise and stay upright for upright
- No alcohol, it increases the risk of bruising

For the rest of the day after treatment

- don't rub the treated area

- don't apply makeup (increases risk of infection) 


For a few days afterwards

- Some people experience mild flu-like symptoms after wrinkle relaxer injections. It goes away on it’s own & is nothing to worry about.

- The needle entry point can leave a red mark, or a bruise. Bruises take time to go away, so we don’t suggest injectables in the 2 weeks prior to any special events like a wedding.  If this happens, it's not a sign of bad injections, it's simply human physiology and part of what can happen. 

- Don’t sleep on your face. It can move the product & cause unwanted side effects.

- Don't rub the area, if you move the product you will not love the results!

- Fillers can cause swelling, for example lips are going to look larger than they will end up, so don’t panic

-You can use ice or cool compresses if you like

-Apply Nurse Jess's aftercare cream to the area every few hours

-Cleanse the area using a non-acid, non-exfoliating product. If you don’t have one, check out our online store or ask Nurse Jess for her recommendation

- Wear SPF 30+ every day

- Wear non-acid containing moisturiser day & night

- Avoid vitamin A, AHA, BHA and scrubs for 1 week or until your skin has returned to normal 

When to contact our nurse urgently

- If a needle entry point forms a pimple or lump

- If you are concerned for any reason. Even if you just want reassurance.

-If you feel heat under the skin which is spreading

- If your lip or skin has a strange colour

- If you feel throbbing pain in your lip

Follow the Post Treatment Instructions to the letter

Practitioners can only stand by their treatment if they are in control of it. If you choose not to follow the aftercare advice, or you take the advice of another practitioner instead of the one you saw, there is no liability to fall back on.
If you have any concerns whatsoever following treatment, our nurse & prescribing doctors are available 24/7. Just reach out.

Nurse Jess phone 0403 402 407 - you should call Nurse Jess first
Natashas Skin Spa 0434 082 354 - if you cannot reach Nurse Jess right away please call Natasha.