Our Story

Our team know skin wellness and they know tech.

The story starts when Natasha founded her clinic in 2002 because of her personal experience suffering childhood eczema, adult acne and PCOS/Endometriosis. Struggling with multiple types of advice and none if it completely working was frustrating.  If science could land us on the moon, surely it could solve acne? So she enrolled to study skin. 20 years later, Natasha's Skin Spa & Clinic is a trusted skin authority. We’ve helped thousands of people to feel better in their skin.

Our experienced team have worked alongside naturopaths, yoga therapists, doctors and nurses. Our ethos takes knowledge from every area to use in the effective, precise treatment of skin.

We call our philosophy 'Well-Tech’, a movement of skin experts who create skin health by blending wellness wisdom with modern tech & current science.

We teach and practice: 

- scientifically sound skincare to mimic & build skin function

- scientifically proven treatments & tech, we respect the data

- building self esteem & emotional resilience. The relatively new area of psycho-dermatology proves the connection.

- the right kind of exercise to bone-bank, aid mental health & keep skin in collagen production, while clearing waste

- sleep hygiene

- healthy hormones

- early investment in treatments to build collagen so you age well with healthy skin extending into your later years

 - good nutrition through real food

- a connection with your therapist who is a partner in the journey you’re taking, You can relax knowing you have someone who really cares about your outcome.