Triniti™ Plus Skin Rejuvenation


A trio of tech, for people who might otherwise be considering something surgical. 
Preferred for clients who can only see us infrequently, and need a lot done in one visit.  This is not a treatment we would use for maintenance, but to achieve a significant initial rejuvenation result.  Triniti Plus is a registered trademark that carries it's own clinical white papers for the combination of these specific three modalities in one sitting.  Not for the faint-hearted, it does involve downtime where you  will want to be at home away from weather exposure, and well prepared with skin care.  The reward is total skin transformation. 


Triniti Plus™ face, neck, décolletage

In one sitting we layer three technologies.  

  • Sublime™ Skin Tightening lifts up the existing tissue. It works by contracting collagen fibres for a firmer, smoother skin. It increases collagen volume for a plumper, smoother appearance. You will see a firm facial contour along the jaw, upper cheek and the eye area including around the eyes and the eye lids. (treats the dermis)
  • Sublative™ RF removes scars, wrinkles and rebuilds a firm collagen structure for a smoother skin (treats the dermal-epidermal junction)

  • Elos™ Photo Rejuvenation removes sun damage, pigmentation, redness.(treats the epidermis)

Sensation: some discomfort, heat. Pain relief not required. 
Immediate appearance: significant redness, mild swelling
Downtime: pinpoint scabs  in a grid matrix pattern, forming over 1-2 days, lasting 7-10 days
Not suitable in pregnancy & 4th trimester
Suited to skin tones Fitzpatrick 1, 2, 3

Your skin should be well prepared with nutrient rich skincare for several weeks prior to Triniti™ .  Our team can help you choose the correct products for best results. If you are travelling to see us, and have not yet been consulted by our team, please book a Virtual Consultation a.s.a.p. so we can suggest the preparation routine that will give you the best result. 

Treatment includes face, eye area, neck, décolletage
Allow 1 hour 30 min $998 



Add Ulfit™ to your plan

Triniti™  addresses the skin/epidermis, the dermal-epidermal junction/where skin and the deep skin meet, and the dermis/deep skin.

If you would like to also go deeper to lift the fascia overlying your muscles, consider adding Ulfit™ to your treatment plan, though it cannot be performed on the exact same day it can be performed the day prior.