Spa Massage

Spa 30 Massage $80
Spa 45 Massage $119
Spa 60 Massage $149
Spa 90 Massage $179

+add The Birthday Suit Body Scrub $99
+add Hot Stones $30

Enjoy some downtime with muscle loving massage. Soft white towels, qualified massage therapists and a blend of exotic oils from Pure Fiji spa.
You will feel soothed, relaxed and nourished with high quality ultra-fine oil.

Wi-Fi Massage™

For the digitally exhausted, focusing on the parts our device-filled life hurts most. Combines stretching moves and lomi-lomi power strokes in a massage of the feet, back, neck, shoulders, typists hands, forearms, an opening massage of the upper chest and laptop-tightened pecs, cooling eye area mask and eyestrain massage, completed with a scalp massage. *top 10 treatment Now featuring the upgraded Gemlight Version 2 for pain reduction, plus new seasonal aromatic infusion from Pure Fiji Spa: Coconut & Lime Blossom oil blend.

60 minutes $139
+add The Birthday Suit Body Scrub $99
+add Hot Stones $30

Well-Tech Massage™

30 minutes $120
60 minutes $159
90 minutes $238

Combines a traditional Spa Massage with healing body technology The Ruby Ray, FDA approved to reduce pain and heal muscles. Beloved by sports people and those living with chronic pain conditions, you will feel real results and be more mobile.

 +add The Birthday Suit Body Scrub $99
+add Hot Stones $30

Million Dollar Massage™

60 minutes $229
90 minutes $299

Beyond massage is a realm… where wellness therapists connect your soul back to base, sprinkle sand between your metaphysical toes. Begin with a custom aroma-ritual to select your oils. Dry body brushing, hot quartz pressure points and a full hour of power-flow massage are performed on an electric spa table, completely customised to your needs. Full body aromatic steam compresses cleanse it all away, passive stretching awakens you. A guided meditation and inhalations bring the rain on down.

+add The Birthday Suit Body Scrub $99
+add Hot Stones $30

The Birthday Suit™ body scrub

A beautiful body scrub from Pure Fiji Spa. Made from sugar, oils & lime blossom.
Leaves your whole body soft, glowing and nourished with a fine film of coconut oil.

allow 45 minutes $138

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