Triniti™ Plus Skin Rejuvenation

Completely rejuvenate every layer of your skin, without surgery. This is the final therapy before plastic surgery, and is a serious transformation for skin youth.

In one sitting we layer three technologies:

Laser Revival™ removes sun damage, pigmentation, redness. (treats the epidermis)

Sublative™ RF removes scars, wrinkles and rebuilds a firm collagen structure for a smoother skin (treats the dermal-epidermal junction)

Sublime™ Skin Tightening lifts up the existing tissue. It works by contracting collagen fibres for a firmer, smoother skin. It increases collagen volume for a plumper, smoother appearance. You will see a firm facial contour along the jaw, upper cheek and the eye area including around the eyes and the eye lids. (treats the dermis)

Your skin should be well prepared with nutrient rich skincare for several weeks prior to Triniti™ . Our team can help you choose the correct products for best results.
You should expect your skin to take a full 10 days to look normal, with some marking on the skin in a grid pattern. This is easily covered with our medical makeup, and you will not be uncomfortable during recovery.

Triniti™  addresses the skin/epidermis, the dermal-epidermal junction/where skin and the deep skin meet, and the dermis/deep skin.
If you would like to also go deeper to lift your facial muscles, consider adding HIFU.

Results are significant and lasting. Please ask to see our before & after photos at the clinic.

$998  allow 1.5 hours  | with HIFU $1899 allow 2.5 hours
Treatment includes face, eye area, neck, decolletage.


The treatment was first rate.

“One could not have asked for better care and outstanding service. I felt wonderfully refreshed and fit after the completion of the treatment today.”

— Shirley T.

They listen to your questions.

“I love the service and the prices are competitive. I also don't feel pressured into buying everything all of the time, as I have in the past from other skin spas. The rooms are lovely and quiet and they really take wonderful care of their clients. Another big thing for me is that they listen to your questions and needs and react accordingly. An absolute 10 out of 10.”

— Nicole A.

Best facials on the planet.

“Wonderful experience as always. Friendly, professional, warm people performing the best facials on the planet.”

— Gayle H.

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