Sublime Skin Tightening Aftercare

During Sublime™ treatment, a significant amount of radio frequency (RF) energy is pulsed into your skin.

This purposely creates warmth.
We want your skin to remain warm for as long as possible afterwards. Do not cool it down.

Just like we don’t want you to go away and do any extra treatments which we didn’t expressly advise you to do.

  • Stick to your treatment plan.

  • Only use the skincare agreed with your therapist. This is not the time to try anything new.

  • Avoid cooling down your skin - no cold showers, ocean dips or swimming pool visits for 48 hours

  • Eat lots of healthy fats and low sugars. High sugar or low fat diets will damage the outcome.

  • Drink 2 litres of water a day for 7 days afterwards

Your skin might look slightly pink for a few hours to a few days, depending on how intensely we treated you.
Sublime™ is great pre-event as it will resculpt the face contours without making you bright red or sensitive.

It’s rare, though possible, to have the odd mark on the skin where the head wasn’t in full contact. If this happens during your treatment, we will let
you know. Simply keep that area moisturised all the time and it will resolve in a few days. This is highly unusual and will not normally happen.

Skincare is important after Sublime™. We have asked your fibroblasts to make a lot more new collagen & elastin fibres.
They have a lot more work to do, requiring more fuel.
Ensure you apply exactly what we told you to and nothing else.
Highly recommended are our O Cosmedics Pure Age Defiance serum full of collagen-tightening peptides, O Cosmedics EGF Booster full of signallers to the fibroblast to make new/more fibres, and DP Dermaceuticals Retinal Activ Cream which uses the power of retinol to signal new cell division/creation at the bottom layers of your skin.

Dietary recommendations include everything your therapist told you, but always 1 tablespoon daily of Bestow Beauty Plus Oil.