Experience Tighter Skin Without Surgery Scars

Sublime RF Skin Tightening is a treatment which is taking the skin & plastic surgery world by storm. In Melbourne and around the world, clients are realising that Sublime RF Skin tightening can give them many of the benefits of a mini facelift, without the pain, downtime or surgical scars.


How does it work? 

Sublime RF Skin Tightening works by passing a tip across the skin, which feels like cool metal.  It's very comfortable and in fact many of our clients really enjoy the sensation. 
A small amount of warmth is created in the skin as the tip emits Radio Frequency (that's what the RF bit means) into the skin only in the area it is touching. 

This RF goes into the skin to the depth of the basement layer between the epidermis (upper skin that you can see and touch) and the dermis (the 'guts' of the skin beneath.)
This is important to reach this depth, because this is where we find a critical component of healthy youthful skin: a layer of cross-hatched collagen fibres, which act like a 'velcro' between the two layers. 

Is Skin Tightening for me? 

The main reason someone would have Sublime RF Skin Tightening is to lift up skin sagging. 
When the cheek fat no longer sits up on top of the cheekbone, and you see a hollow forming beneath it, or what looks like a vertical line suspended sideways, giving that downward sad appearance.
Or when eye bags form, or hooded eyelids.  
Jowliness is another reason to have Sublime, because it will firm and contour your jawline back to a chiselled youthfulness.  Skin Tightening is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the area around your mouth, including softening upper lips lines from either age  or smoking.  
You may have lost volume and feel that your skin has no 'juice' - it's feeling empty and hollow.  Sublime gifts that back. 

That's not to say you should wait till you see a problem. 
You see this layer is constantly breaking down with age, just like all the other fibres in your skin. 

By performing Sublime RF Skin Tightening on skins while they are still youthful and healthy, we can trigger a constant, replenishing supply of firming new collagen. 
The breakdown need never happen, if we work on it now. 

So what will you look like after a Sublime RF Skin Tightening?

If you're like most Melbourne dwellers, you are too busy to have downtime.  Redness, scabbing, and pain are just not in your plan this century!  

Sublime is great for you, because you are simply mildly pink for a few hours afterwards.  
Your skin will feel as warm as if you just left a few hours at Port Melbourne Beach, or spent the afternoon drinking cocktails on the banks of the Southbank's Yarra River.
You can apply our post-procedure Jane Iredale pure makeup right away.  Nobody will know, except that you will be instantly lifted and firmed. 

How long does it take to see results?

You'll see a slightly lifted appearance right away.
This is the instant effect of the RF contracting your previously-sagging collagen fibres.  It's so satisfying to see that lift in just an hour. 
The real results however, form over the coming weeks, as not only has it lifted the old collagen, but it's triggered production of brand new, firm, fresh, healthy collagen. 
This delivers not only tightening, but VOLUME and PLUMPING. 

How long does Sublime RF Skin Tightening last?

Your skin will continue to move forward in time just like the rest of your body.  But the results are very long lasting.  Because it's your own tissue being contracted and triggered, you get to keep these results.

We recommend a series of 5 Sublime treatments performed monthly to get your skin into optimum condition. 
Thereafter, investing in Sublime once every 8-12 weeks will keep your skin in supremely good condition. 
It's cheating, but the world ain't fair. 

Before & After Sublime RF Skin Tightening

Your personal results may vary.