Subaltive is a serious rejuvenation of the deeper layers of the epidermis. Many treatments say ‘deep layers’ but Sublative™ means it. Hence the transformational results.

  • Do not plan to have any photographs taken for 10 days after treatment. You’ll look your best again after that time.
    You can expect your skin to have a grid-like pattern on it of tiny marks. These will go hard and end up as little scabs.
    This is completely normal and expected.
    The more intensely we turned up the treatment, the more marking you will have.
    We will discuss the level of marking with you before starting each session.

  • You may cover the marks with suitable post-procedure makeup. This includes Jane Iredale PurePressed Base, Amazing Base, and Dream Tint.
    No other makeup may be used, because the skin is in recovery, with cells exposed to the surface which would not normally be reaching the top layers yet. Applying ordinary commercial makeup, no matter how expensive, can cause harm and negate your beautiful treatment results. Don’t risk it.

  • Cleanse your skin with the cleanser agreed upon by your therapist. Do not use any cleansers with acids (eg. glycolic, lactic, salicylic).

  • Do not exfoliate your skin until your Natashas therapist says so. Even the gentlest cleansers with a grain in them can cause serious trauma and irreversible damage to your skin if used before time.

  • Remove cleanser with a soft cloth. Preferably The Skin Shammy by O Cosmedics or a muslin baby washcloth.

  • Let any micro-crusts sit in place, do not pick them off. You may like to compress them with warm water and the soft cloth after day 4. This will help them fall off naturally. If you remove them by picking, the skin underneath will probably scar.

  • Apply the serum agreed upon by your therapist. Your skin needs the moisture and nutrients during this repair phase. Don’t skip a single application.

  • Apply the moisturiser agreed upon by your therapist. The protection it offers will shield you from pollution etc. and keep the skin flexible as it heals.

  • Apply O Cosmedics Mineral Pro SPF 30+ every day. Even in winter. Even indoors. This is a non-negotiable part of skin recovery with Sublative at Natashas Skin Spa.
    Not only will it protect your skin from UV, it will stop your skin itching during the healing phase, thanks to the zinc content; it will also accelerate rejuvenation of any scars.

  • Never, ever try new things during the recovery phase. No samples, no masks, nothing from the chemist, nothing on prescription. NOTHING.

  • If you think you have suffered a side effect, the only person who can advise you on what to do is the therapist who performed the treatment.
    Nobody else will have access to the extensive consultation notes, your skin history, what settings were used on you, or the details of what kind of technology this is and how it was used. Remember that pharmacists, GPs and other clinics are not going to know what you had done and they are not fully trained in this advanced technology.
    It’s vital that you contact us first before taking any advice or applying a single thing we did not give you. Follow our advice to the letter and your results are assured.

  • There are no silly questions! We want to hear from you on SMS, social media, email, phone or any medium you wish to reach out on, as often as you like.
    Please lean on your therapist for advice and you’ll be amazed at what she can achieve for you.

  • Your followup appointment 10 days after your treatment will be a chance to review, schedule the next phase of the plan, and check on the results.
    We highly recommend an Oxygen Enzyme Peel at that time, to help lift away redundant dead skin cells and reveal the extremely beautiful new skin we have created beneath.

  • If you run out of skincare - order it online or get in touch. Do not go without your nutritive corrective skincare during this time.