Sensitive skin is skin with holes in it.  It's lacking the glues that bind surface layers together. 

Getting it to stop feeling sensitive requires us to find out what caused the break down in the first place.  
Then we start the work of rebuilding new, better glues to bind your skin back together with integrity. 

Your skin will become calmer and healthier over time, with the help of a dedicated skin therapist who knows about sensitivity from the inside out.   Skin sensitivity correction usually involves some dietary change as well. 


The gentle giant, gemlight reaches into skin cells and gently awakens their energy potential.  Releasing cells-own energy, it goes to work to repair, hydrate, de-sensitive and soothe skin from within.  As not a single chemical or product is used to achieve this result, the treatment is perfect for sensitive skins and those nervous about subjecting their skin to a new treatment.  
We suggest a course of 6-10 initially, taken 2-3 days apart.  Gemlight should be put on your go-to list for all future flare-ups, as results are seen within 20 minutes and you will leave calmer after each treatment. 

Power of 3 Facial

Our signature customised, massage-based facial is your best friend on the sensitive skin journey.   Each step is fully customised to your skins needs, so you need not worry about being exposed to the wrong, or too strong, skincare. 
Includes gentle styles of exfoliation which can be left out if your skin can't cope with them.  Includes lots of massage, a key component to re-activate skins own defense systems, calm the nervous system of the skin and drain lymphatic wastes which may be contributing to a sensitive situation.   
Empowered with the Gemlight to further heal and repair, you can finally enjoy a facial worry-free.  

Recommended SkinCare Options
Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser, Repair Serum, EGF Booster Serum, Pure Age Defiance Serum, Recovery Cream, Mineral Pro SPF 30+, Lotus Water Primer, Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base, Pommist, Vitality Mask