Sagging skin means the breakdown, and stretch, of collagen support fibres. 
Lifting them back up, increasing their strength and number, and preventing future breakdown, is the name of the game.

Sublime RF Skin Tightening

Using waves of radio frequency energy, collagen is contracted for an immediately, long lasting lift.   Certain proteins are formed during treatment which cause the 'snap-back' of collagen.  Indeed skin has a memory and can partly return to this former state with encouragement from the right treatment. 
You will see some firming right away, and full results are seen within a month.  We recommend a course of 5-6 treatments in succession for best results, followed by maintenance every 5-7 weeks ongoing.  Though many people do not maintain their results more than twice a year, those who do it regularly get cumulatively firmer, even tighter skin over time. 

Trinity Facial

A combination of Sublime RF Skin Tightening, Sublative Rejuvenation and Laser Photo Rejuvenation in one sitting, Trinity is the facial for those who are so serious about their results, they have resolved never to have surgery.
Sublime will firm and tighten.  Sublative will remodel and tighten.  Laser will remove any uneven pigmentation or redness. 
All work together to address each layer of aging, each layer of skin. 

Recommended Skincare
EGF Booster Serum, Pure Age Defiance Serum, Retinol Concentrate, Retinal Activ Cream, Immortal Cream, Mineral Pro SPF 30+, Vitamin C+Retinol Mask, DNC Home Roller