Skin contains a network of blood vessels called capillaries.  They are tiny, looping up into the skin to bring nutrition, oxygen and remove wastes. 

Their walls are built of collagen fibre, something found abundantly in a young skin.  With age, this decreases, and the capillary walls thin.  They can become so thin that blood leaks out into the surrounding skin, giving a generally red appearance. 
Sometimes you can see the vessels like a specific line on the skin, and sometimes you're just generally red

The aim of treatment is to close off those vessels which are beyond repair, then stimulate the production of more collagen to strengthen those capillary walls for future insurance against redness. 

Note:  we treat facial veins, but body veins are a medical concern.  Ask your GP for referral to a schlerotherapist.  

Laser Photo Rejuvenation
Closing off the vessels using focused light energy, your skin will be more even toned with each session.  Expect skin to be pink afterwards, lasting 1-3 days.  You may find your red veins instantly disappear, or they may become darker then resolve over the coming 2 weeks.  You'll need 1-6 treatments depending on how advanced the issue is.  
Avoid sun before hand and for at least a week afterwards, protecting your skin with SPF 30+ daily. 

Triggering a major increase in those collagen strengthening fibres through micro-needling, dermapen also revitalises your other skin concerns, making it ideal for people with multiple concerns.  Dermapen leaves skin firmer, smoother, more refined and with less scars, breakouts and redness, so it is our most popular treatment overall.  It's likely we will suggest a combination of Laser Photo Rejuvenation and Dermapen over time.  
You will need between 1-6 treatments depending on how advanced the issue is. 
To prepare, saturate your skin with the recommended nutritive skincare.  Afterwards expect to be mildly pink for 12 hours, slightly dehydrated for up to 4 days, and cover any pinkness with Jane Iredale PurePressed Base makeup. 

Recommended Skincare
Antioxidant Cocktail, B3 Serum, Immortal Cream, Mineral Pro SPF 30+, Purepressed Base, Pommist, Vitality Mask, Retinal Activ Cream