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We have bundled our best selling Tanning Drops with our HydraBase Face and Body moisturisers to create the ultimate tanning and hydration trio.


· Tanning Drops - 50ml
· HydraBase Face - 50ml
· HydraBase Body - 200ml

Tanning Drops are a clear self tan concentrate that can be added to HydraBase Body or HydraBase face for customised tanning as you moisturise.

With a silky, primer like texture and barely there scent, HydraBase Face is the perfect daily moisturiser. The wonderfully light formula absorbs instantly leaving a velvety soft touch finish – ideal for under makeup, yet moisturises intensely for visibly hydrated skin beyond 24 hours – perfect to wear while you sleep.

Silky textured and subtly fragranced with Tuscan Tan’s refreshingly sophisticated new scent, HydraBase Body is your go to moisturiser for everyday wear. The ultra light formula absorbs instantly leaving a smooth dry touch finish, yet moisturises intensely for visibly hydrated skin.

Tanning Drops are way too concentrated to be used alone… add  drops to HydraBase Face and Body moisturisers for an all-over glow. Tanning Drops will gradually develop throughout the day or night. 

FACE: Blend a pea sized amount of HydraBase Face moisturiser with 1-3 Tanning Drops in your palm. Apply evenly over face and neck. Use sparingly around hairline and eyebrows. Wash hands immediately following application. 

BODY: Blend a 10¢ sized amount of HydraBase Body moisturiser with 2- 6 Tanning Drops and apply evenly over your lower leg. Repeat for each remaining section of your body. Use sparingly on elbows, hands, ankles and feet. Wash hands immediately following application. 

Paraben free formulation to avoid hypersensitivity reaction and unwanted irritation.

Against animal testing + made in Australia.

Visit individual product pages for further details.

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