Scientists tell us that the number one indicator of a persons age, as perceived by others, is how light and how even their skin tone is. 
Pigmentation is the term given to unevenly colour skin tone.  It's when the colour-making cells in the deep layers of your skin become over stimulated by sun, hormones, cigarettes and environmental toxins.  Some cells start making too much colour pigment, and they distribute it unevenly in the upper layers.  
Treatments aim to remove the excess in the top layers, re-progam the disorganised colour-making cells, and prevent future damage to surrounding tissue.    

Successful outcomes are possible only with a combination of treatments, homecare and lifestyle change. 

Oxygen Enzyme Peel

For those who have yet to experience our skin treatments, starting with an enzyme is the gentle, yet effective first step. 
It will remove some of the pigment sitting in skins upper layers, for an instant payoff where skin looks brighter and clearer. 
Skin can now absorb the prescribed skincare better, and the blood flow is improved for better internal nutrition.  You can experience this treatment as a brand new client with no skincare used before.  There is no downtime, this is an ideal treatment a day before an event.  
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Alpha Beta Dermal Plan Peel

When your skin is prepared with our skincare, you qualify for a deeper transformation using Alpha Beta.  2 types of acid combine to release further layers of the skin, shedding pigment trapped in those layers.  As a powerful anti-inflammatory it will also reduce the stimulation of the pigment producing cells. 
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To reach the source of the pigment - the melanocyte - we need to reach the basement membrane of the skin.  This is where the dermis and the epidermis meet.  
Dermapen uses a pen filled with micro-needles.  It breaks up the lakes of pigment trapped in skins upper layers, and normalises the melanocytes in the deeper layers.  If your pigment has reached the stage of being dermal (your therapist will tell you if this is the case during consultation)  Dermapen is literally the only option available which does not carry a risk of making the situation worse.  All treatments with heat are off the table for you, so Dermapen is a safe, heat-free option with good outcomes possible.  Dermapen is performed 10-12 times over a year to slowly re-educate the skin and work the pigment out. 
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Laser Photo Rejuvenation

Using precision light to concentrate energy in the upper layer pigment.  Energy destroys the pigment clusters and they simply rise to the surface as dark flakes, and fall off.  Your skin must be qualified with certain skincare before experiencing a laser photo rejuvenation, to ensure safe, flawless results. 
Expect to leave with slightly pink skin, which may last up to 24 hours.  Expect pigment to darken as it rises to the top, turn into flakes which can look like milo sprinkled on skins surface, then fall off on their own.  The entire process from start to finish takes 2 weeks and can be sped up with an Oxygen Enzyme Peel a week after the laser treatment (optional).

We recommend 1-3 treatments performed 4 weeks apart. 
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Recommended Skincare Options:

O Cosmedics: Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser, Potent Clearing Serum, B3 Serum,  Immortal Cream,  Potent Retinol, Retinol Concentrate
Emergin C New York:  
Vitamin C 20% Serum,Vitamin C+Retinol Mask, Triple Threat Peel
DP Dermaceuticals: Brite Lite Serum, Retinal Active, Microderm Exfoliant, DNC Roller 0.25mm
Jane Iredale: Smooth Affair Brightening Primer, Dream Tint Peach Brightener, Pure Pressed Base, Pommist