It's because your peel has removed the upper-most layers of your skin.  These layers usually give a bit of protection against the environment.  Without them, the cells underneath are exposed a little sooner than they had expected to be. 

This is okay, it's our goal and comes with many firming, freshening, calming and tone-evening benefits.  
But until your skin has a moment to realise what's happened, you need to give it a little love.   Here is how...

Avoid UV exposure for a few days
You don't need to stay inside completely.  Just don't sit directly in the sun if you're at a cafe, choose the table with the umbrella.  Don't go skiing, surfing or for a run    for a few days.  

Wear your SPF 30+ every day
Even on cloudy days.  Even when you're indoors!  The SPF we recommend is O Cosmedics Mineral Pro 30+.  The benefits exceed mere UV protection: resveratrol in the mix means it can actually reverse some of the oxidative stress caused by sun and environmental exposure.  The zinc content will accelerate healing, reduce itching and mattify your skin.  Mineral Pro costs $49 and is available in our online store if you have the VIP code to purchase it.  If you don't, ask us for one. If you forgot to pick one up at your appointment, get in touch & we can have one sent out by Uber or courier.

No exfoliating-acid-containing skincare for 3-7 days please
You already got well & truly exfoliated.  To apply more exfoliating ingredients now could over-do it.  Start again only when your skin is no longer pink, flushed, sensitised or dry.  Basically once the transition period is over.  Ingredients that qualify as 'exfoliating acids' include salicylic, mandelic, lactic, glycolic, citric, pyruvic, trichloroacetic.  If you're not sure ask your therapist. 

Some types of Vitamin A should be avoided for 3-7 days
Some kinds are exfoliating.  
Avoid these kinds:  retinoic acid, retinol, or any kind of doctor-prescribed vitamin a.  (eg.  O Cosmedics Potent Retinol, Retinol Concentrate)
It's okay to use: retinyl palmitate, retinaldehyde (eg. Pure Age Defiance Serum, DP Dermaceuticals Retinal Active)
Start using your vitamin A again when your skin is feeling strong and normal unless your therapist told you otherwise.  

No grainy scrubs until either your skin gets flaky, or a week passes
Flaky dry skin should be gently exfoliated...gently!  Everyone else please wait a week before resuming normal exfoliants. 
That said, never use anything with 'natural' ingredients as the scrub for example walnuts, or St Ives, or sugar scrubs.  These are too scratchy and can cut your facial skin to pieces.  Please check with us if you're unsure if your scrub is okay. 

No at-home peels, peel-pads, pore strips or devices to be used till we say so!
Your skin will not respond like normal to these products.  Pore strips could rip your skin off.  Peel pads may seem mild normally, but on a recently peeled skin are very dangerous. 

Mask your skin as directed
Those who mask get much better results.  Use the one your therapist recommended at least once this week, starting the day they suggested.  We recommend ONLY either DP Dermaceuticals Brite Lite Sheet Mask or DP Dermaceuticals Hyla Active Sheet Mask. For the finest results use one mask a day for 5 days following your treatment.

Soak your skin with the recommended serum & protect with the recommended cream
Those newly-revealed layers need love!  Take this opportunity to get your skincare deeper than usual, and apply your serums morning & night.  If you want extra cream for a few days, it's fine to apply more.  

This is not the time for new things
No matter what voucher you are given for a day spa, what bridal shower or skincare party you are invited to - thou shalt not put anything on your face which we have not cleared!  No facials, no trying stuff, no samples, no beauty boxes.  If you're unsure call us, we are happy to help.  

No essential oils or skincare which contains them
Essential oils can cause photo-toxicity, that is to say, your skin starts freaking out in response to ordinary daylight.   
Combine this with recently peeled skin and we have a recipe for poor results.  The more 'natural' a skincare range claims to be, the more likely it is to have essential oils in it and these are not your friend right now.

In the unlikely event of an adverse response to a treatment
Call us first.  We are the best qualified people to advise you on the treatments we perform.  If you have something unexpected happen, nobody else you see will know what you had done, in what percentage, and why.  Our team will be able to guide you to the best work-around and ensure the future health of your skin, plus ensure we can still take full responsibility for the outcome.  

If you are unsure, reach out
We are here for the journey.   We love getting progress pics, or questions about skincare.  Send us snaps of what you discover and think you might like to try, or ask if something is normal.  There are no silly questions and your skin health is our utmost priority.