Ulfit™ Cellulite

Ulfit™ treats cellulite by reducing the size of adipose (fat) cells while also treating the innervated fascia that pulls tissue into the orange peel shape.
Don't waste your time on treatments that merely massage, heat or chill you.
Invest in TGA Approved Ulfit™ for beautiful body shaping.


Your 'Ulfit Size'

Some areas of Ulfit treatment are customised to the thickness of the fat we are treating.  Where you see 'size one, two or three' this is something determined at your consultation. 
It takes only a moment, using calipers to measure the fat pad thickness & allocate your Ulfit Size.  This informs what cartridges are used & impacts the fee.  

 It is important for results that you have the right Ulfit Size treatment for you.  

How many will I need? 

A single treatment will yield visible results and many of our guests will be happy with one.  A course of 3 is ideal.  A course of 6 is for those very serious about transformation and desiring to get maximum results non-invasively. 

At your consultation we will suggest the best plan for your goals, budget & timeline. 

Body Consultation

Book with one of our experts to discover how we can get you closer to your body goals.  The fee reflects the time and care taken to take your health history, learn what you need and help you find the safest, most effective treatment for you. 
Includes caliper measurements, photography & relevant health & lifestyle history.  

30 min $50 redeemable on treatments booked

Ulfit™ Cellulite

x 1  x 3 save 10%  x 6 save 15%
 Outer Thighs size one $1000
Outer Thighs size two $2000 $5400 $10,200
Outer Thighs size three $3000 $8100 $15,300
Inner Thighs size one $1000 $2700 $5100
Inner Thighs size two $2000 $5400 $10,200
Inner Thighs size three $3000 $8100 $15,300
Back of thighs - do not treat n/a n/a n/a
Roll of fat below buttocks $600 $1620 $3060
Abdomen size one $1200 $3240 $6120
Abdomen size two $2400 $6480 $12,240
Abdomen size three $3600 $9720 $18,360
Upper Arms (on top of bicep) size one  $600


Upper Arms (on top of bicep) size two $600 $1620 $3060
Upper Arms (on top of bicep) size three $600 $1620 $3060
Back Fat on Bra Line size one $600 $1620 $3060
Back Fat on Bra Line size two $600 $1620 $3060
Sides of Body / flanks size one $2000 $5400 $10,200
Sides of Body / flanks size two $4000 $10,800 $20,400
Sides of Body / flanks size three $6000 $16,200 $30,600


Notes on treating the roll of fat below the buttocks...

This fat supports your buttocks.  It develops as a support.  Therefore we never want to get rid of it completely and we will not aim to reduce it significantly.  But we can definitely reduce it when it is out of proportion.  We recommend a single treatment, then re-assess if there is more there to treat.  You can have up to 3 treatments over a year.  
If you have had a BBL surgery & wish to have Ulfit under the buttocks, we need to see proof that it was performed locally.  This is because some BBL surgeries are injecting substances other than fat which migrate.  We would not risk treating over those substances.  Local surgeons will only inject safe substances, and in most cases will decline to perform BBL for safety reasons as it is the most dangerous plastic surgery with the highest rates of complications and deaths.  We are happy to work close to a BBL only if your Australian-located plastic surgeon approves it.