90 min Developer Spray Tan


Rapid Amino is a type of Spraytan solution that is sprayed on, dries, then you wait one and a half hours before having a shower to rinse it off.

When you rinse, the skin underneath will have a mild tan, but it keeps getting darker over the coming hours to reach a full depth tan by the 8 hour mark. 

This allows you to have a tan, wait 1.5 hours, shower, get dressed and go out early, without the need to wait for the full development time of other types of spraytan. 

Rapid Amino is the tan made famous by Melbourne spraytan brand Tuscan Tan.

We have worked with Tuscan Tan for over 13 years, because it is perfect every single time.  

Tuscan Tan Rapid Amino Spraytan

Choose light, medium or dark.
This tan is left on for just 90 minutes before you shower. Upon rinsing, it will still be quite light in colour, but will continue to darken over the coming 5-6 hours. If you like, you can leave it for longer and it will become even darker.
Ideal when you have a special event at short notice, or you don’t like to sleep in your tan.

allow 20 minutes
Single layer $55
Double layer $65
Prepay 3 $150 


 “I recently found this gem after reading all of their great reviews. What a great find! Natashas is amazing - so helpful and really listens to what you want. The Tuscan tan is perfect every time. I can't recommend more highly, 5 stars.” 
— Ruby Heaslip, Google review