Signature Skin Sessions


These clinical skin treatments are the result of our experienced therapists layering tools to create beautiful skins.  These are the combinations most-loved, that deliver serious results in a single session.

The Melbourne Method™

So named The Melbourne Method because it's beloved by our out-of-town, or 'just here for a day' guests who want a big change.  It's what you do in Melbourne. 

Includes your full face, eyelids, lips, neck and décolletage.  

Addresses acne, lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, redness, rosacea and large pores.  Worth flying into town for.  

Each treatment includes

  • deep cleanse
  • exfoliation
  • Uber Pro peel with lactic acid & nutrients to smooth & refine
  • Healite LED to activate cellular energy
  • nutritious glide-serum which is infused with the device 
  • Dermapen4™ device
  • Our single-use needle cartridges are RF chipped to ensure authenticity, as needle quality is the difference between effective treatment and skin damage. 
  • Dermapen-brand silk sheet mask in either Brite Lite or Hyla Active
  • Cover Recover cooling, needling-appropriate SPF with tint to hide & control redness

60 min $449 / series of 6 $2245 / add another area eg. scalp for $110


Comfort Luxe Facial

For those who seek ultimate barrier repair, and don’t want to wait, this facial layers every type of reparative option, layering the soothing power of light, a facial ritual with 2 types of mask, one to hydrate the skins layers & another to soothe the nervous system in the skin.  Your skin will be ultimately fresh, comfortable, calm and nourished.  

  • Healite L.E.D. Light Therapy
  • Nourishing Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage
  • Dilo Repair Mask
  • Hydrating Alginate Mask
  • Completed with repair serum, recovery cream & s.p.f.
  • Sensitive skin foundation if you would like it

1 hour $292 / series of 6 $1460 


Triniti Plus™ face, neck, décolletage

In one sitting we layer three technologies.  

  • Sublime™ Skin Tightening lifts up the existing tissue. It works by contracting collagen fibres for a firmer, smoother skin. It increases collagen volume for a plumper, smoother appearance. You will see a firm facial contour along the jaw, upper cheek and the eye area including around the eyes and the eye lids. (treats the dermis)
  • Sublative™ RF removes scars, wrinkles and rebuilds a firm collagen structure for a smoother skin (treats the dermal-epidermal junction)

  • Elos™ Photo Rejuvenation removes sun damage, pigmentation, redness.(treats the epidermis)

Sensation: some discomfort, heat. Pain relief not required. 
Immediate appearance: significant redness, mild swelling
Downtime: pinpoint scabs  in a grid matrix pattern, forming over 1-2 days, lasting 7-10 days
Not suitable in pregnancy & 4th trimester
Suited to skin tones Fitzpatrick 1, 2, 3

Your skin should be well prepared with nutrient rich skincare for several weeks prior to Triniti™ .  Our team can help you choose the correct products for best results. If you are travelling to see us, and have not yet been consulted by our team, please book a Virtual Consultation a.s.a.p. so we can suggest the preparation routine that will give you the best result. 

Treatment includes face, eye area, neck, décolletage

Allow 1 hour 30 min $998