Whether your goal is to clear away acne, congestion, pigment, wrinkles or scarring... peels are a fast, effective answer.  

Is your skin is thick, congested, dulk - or just looks a bit dead? A peel is what you need.
It‘s a solution that melts away dysfunctional layers, revealing healthier layers beneath. Now your skincare get get in, and you have a naturally restored pH level. Each peel has it’s own super powers…

Oxygenating Enzyme Peel


Most popular! This peel is good for skins with multiple concerns, as it clears away acne, congestion and dullness, reduces uneven colour & stimulates collagen, whilst adding moisture. The 'oxygen' aspect comes from the stimulation of blood flow to your skins surface, which essentially 'irrigates' your skin from beneath. This gives a deeply cleaned effect, ideal when you want a seriously effective peel without any irritation or downtime. Recommended as a pre-event skin treatment as it creates beautiful glow. Includes a soothing Alginate Lift-Off masque so you leave your skin appointment looking free of redness and ready to attend any occasion.  

Pregnancy safe. By O Cosmedics.

40 min $159 | series of 6 $795

Bio White Enzyme Peel


The go-to for pigmentation when you want no downtime. Gives a clearer tone, calms and hydrates. You will feel that the skin is more evenly coloured upon leaving, while the infusion of an active ingredient complex named Bio White continues to disrupt pigment production over coming days. Ideally this peel is performed as a series over 6 weeks to repeatedly regulate the way your skin makes and releases colour into the skin. However, as a once off peel, it is ideal for creating instant glow, hydration and more even tone.  
Includes a soothing Alginate Mask infused with bio-white complex, to ensure you leave your skin appointment with calm, glowing skin ready to attend any event.  

Pregnancy safe, by O Cosmedics.

40 min $159 | series of 6 $795

Catalyst Retinol Peel


Enriched with a powerful mixture of retinol (vitamin A) and refining acids. You'll get an immediate polishing effect that reduces the depth of fine lines, wrinkles and removes congestions that are contributing to acne breakouts. The peel is massaged into your skin until it's no longer visible. A hydration cream is applied over top and you go home wearing the peel, ideally to sleep.  Overnight your peel releases the encapsulated retinol slowly, reaching deep into your skin where it stimulates the fibroblasts to make more repairing skin fibres. As a result you will see a deep revitalisation of lines, wrinkles, scars and resistant pockets of acne. Any uneven coloured, hyper pigmented or sun damaged skin colour will become more even as the vitamin A regulates the pigment-making cells.

You should expect a little visible skin peeling a few days later, lasting up to a week, easily managed with light, at-home exfoliation. The results are a clearer, firmer, more even toned skin with less breakout. Highly recommended for 'hormonal' acne and aged skin.  

30 minutes $198 | series of 6 $990
if taking a series they are ideally performed every 1-2 weeks depending how quickly your own skin repairs.  

Alpha Beta Cooling Peel


A deep cleaning peel that melts away blackheads, congestion and deeply clears pores. Expect 7 days flaking before skin returns to improved firm clarity. Easily managed with exfoliation. This is a more intense, serious peel that will transform your skin quite deeply. To tolerate this peel you need to acclimatise your skin by applying salicylic acid once a day for 14 days before hand, we suggest O Cosmedics C+BHA Powder added into your serum, or Potent Clearing Serum.  

40 min $198 | series of 6 $990


Are you staying very close to Natasha's Skin Spa on Southbank and you want a Peel? You may be closer than you think. We are located at the base of Melbourne Tower, next door to Ink Hotel on City Road. To reach us from Crown group of hotels, we are mere walking distance with only one block between us. You can walk from your hotel to your peel appointment, receive a highly effective skin peel and stroll back to your hotel with ease. What better way to experience Melbourne than with Southbank's finest facial experience? We would love to show you why Melbourne is a noted skincare destination around the world.