Peels by O Cosmedics™


Peels are a way to remove old, dead, compacted skin layers, revealing the healthy clarity that lies beneath. Sometimes people worry they might be left red or irritated, but those are the peels of the past.

Modern peels are nutritious, calming and healing to your skin.

If you want to change your skin in a short appointment, a Peel is the place to start.  


Pomegranate Enzyme                        

A fruity mixture of pink enzymes to digest wastes on the skin surface, and start the process of decluttering pores. Ideal if you have sensitive skin but need a peel to control breakout or just brighten up. Also ideal for rosacea, calms and strengthens skin.

30 min $99 | series of 6 $495

Oxygenating Enzyme Peel 

A peel that feels hot but leaves you looking calm and clean. By temporarily stimulating your own blood flow to the skin surface, this clever treatment irrigates your skin with nutritious, oxygen-rich blood. It essentially cleans your skin from beneath using improvement in your own circulation.  Radiance & hydration, ideal pre-event and a must for smokers, or those suffering dullness.  Will control and reduce breakouts from either true acne or hormonal acne. Brightens and evens tone if you’re suffering un-even pigmentation. Our most popular peel for an instant skin boost.

45 min $148  |  series of 6 $740

Bio White Enzyme Peel 

A nutrient infusion-plus-peel, designed to get whitening ingredients all the way into where your pigment is disregulated, and normalise the skins colour & tone. Ideal for sun damage, inflamed skin or those suffering brown marks. Can be performed on a sensitive or unprepared skin, as it’s so gentle.

45 min $148  |  series of 6 $740

Catalyst Retinol Peel

After a deep cleanse, we apply the retinol cream peel, working it into the skin and leaving it on. You sleep in it, letting it penetrate into the cells as you sleep. This stimulates renewal, creating a refreshed skin with less breakouts, scars and lines. A brighter skin is yours. You must be using Vitamin A serum at home, for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to this peel to ensure your cells are ready to absorb the high levels of vitamin A and get the benefits. 

30 min $198  |  series of 6 $990



Alpha Beta Peel 

A salicylic or ‘BHA’ peel which melts oils, allowing it to reach inside the pores like a bottle brush and clean them out. This gives you a deep clean of congested, acne conditions, with a cooling effect on inflamed or acne skins. The ideal blackhead treatment. May cause skin to flake a little around a week later, for up to 2 days. You must be using salicylic acid serum or powder for at least 2 weeks before this treatment, to ensure your skin cells are used to accepting this ingredient & get a safe, fabulous result. 

40 min $198  |  series of 6 $990



The Back Peel 

A clearing, cooling peel to remove blackheads and breakouts on your back or shoulders. Fast results when you’ve had enough of ‘bac-ne’.

30 min $148