Men's Waxing


Waxing for Men

Men's hair removal needs are unique and need special attention.  
Hair tends to be deeper-seated in the skin, and it can be more painful to remove it and require stronger waxes. 

We cater to the needs of men with careful, considerate waxing services designed to leave your skin smoother and save you time from shaving.
All our treatments are designed to reduce rashes, ingrown hairs and we offer you calming after-waxing gels to ensure no infections afterwards.

You will be glad you invested in a professional wax with qualified waxers at Natashas. 

*where our prices say 'from' your therapist may quote a higher price if it's going to take longer to wax you, she will always tell you before starting.  

Brow Sculpture  see full brow menu here
1/2 legs (both of them) 
3/4 legs (both of them)
Full legs from
Patches from
1/2 Arms
3/4 Arms
Full Arms from
Chest from
Stomach from
Chest & stomach from
Back of neck from
Back from
Shoulders from
Nostrils due to COVID19 we no longer wax nostrils
Beard from
Please note we do not offer brazilian or anus waxing for men.  




"My first wax experience at Natashas was amazing. It was sooooo gentle! I haven’t had a wax that good in years, because I find that so many great clinics no longer offer waxing. I’m so glad Natashas is still offering such a detailed service for those of us who can’t laser.”

— Jenna, Southbank