A calming, healing, tone-evening, firming light. Technology, meet sensitive skin.  

Lie down for a quick cleanse & 13-18 minute under the relaxing warmth of Healite LED.  
Wake up with skin that is firmer, calmer, less sensitive and has less breakout. Over time, see less pigment and a firmer, younger looking skin that is simply radiant with good health. Each session makes skin release vital lipids and proteins for repair, from the inside out.  

Your skin will be visibly calmer in the first session. There is no downtime, so it’s a great session to have when you want a more glowing, radiant skin in mere minutes.  Pregnancy safe.


30 min $99 | series of 6 $495
series of 3 in one week $275

A quick nap under the painless Healite™ will activate cellular energy & lead to better cell-to-cell communication. That means your entire skin functions better, so no matter what your concern the skin will be improved. You can expect glowing skin right away.


30 min $129 | series of 6 $645

A moisture surge soaking sheet mask, plus Healite™. Especially formulated to work under LED light, your skin will emerge glassy smooth & bursting with moisture.

Healite™ L.E.D. frequently asked questions

How does Healite™ LED skin treatment work? 

L.E.D. shines light onto skin, penetrating into the layers and right inside your individual skin cells. Once inside, it stimulates a little organelle (mini skin cell organ) called the mitochondria. Mitochondria's job is to take nutrition and 'break it up' to release energy. That's a basic explanation and a scientist would have a lot more to say about it, but for our purposes this is what we are doing here - releasing energy from inside the cell, so your cell can get up and go again. With all this extra energy you'll find the cell wants to do more work, and has the power to do it.

Does my skin need Healite™ LED treatment?

Skin cells have a lot to do in a day. Thousands of functions going on all the time, repair work, let alone a chance to get to the stuff we really want it to do, like growing extra collagen, elastin and fighting off acne bacteria.
By giving your skin cells extra energy this way, your skin concerns will be resolved so much faster. You can use Healite as your primary skin treatment on it's own. You can also use it 'as well as' your other skin treatments. It will make those treatments work better and will reduce the downtime associated with advanced skin treatments like needling.  

Does Healite™ LED hurt? 

Not even a little bit. Healite™ LED is totally, completely, utterly painless. It is extremely relaxing, feeling like a warm bath of sunlight coming in the window. Nothing more.  

Does Healite™ LED skin treatment help Acne? 

Yes. There are myriad clinical papers and studies proving the beneficial effects of Healite™ LED on acne. It will reduce the count of acne bacteria living on and IN the skin. The great thing about using LED for acne skin is it can penetrate into the layers & right into the nooks and crannies of your pores, without damaging the surface or abrading the skin at all. Your skin stays totally intact, and afterwards your skin feels calm, hydrated and has instantly less inflammation. Over coming days you will notice less breakouts and faster healing.
Healite™ LED is a very important part of most acne skin treatment plans here at Natashas Skin Spa Southbank.  

How does Healite™ LED skin treatment work to help Sensitive Skin?  

When your skin cells are exposed to the gentle wavelengths of light of Healite™ LED, several magical things happen to your skin: it begins to make more ceramides, the substances that naturally 'glue' skins layers together. We call these the lipid bilayers, and they are crucial for keeping your skin waterproof & able to keep the world out. This means sensitive skins are not as reactive to allergens, pollens, air pollution, simply because skin can now keep those things out. For sensitive skin, Healite™ LED is the best option available.  

How does Healite™ LED skin treatment work on Lines & Wrinkles?  

Clinical trials show such great results with Healite™ LED that it is now TGA approved to treat lines and wrinkles, or, to give them their clinical terminology 'rhytides'. By energising cells we see an uptick in production of collagen, the strong fibre that gives our skin it's form and thickness. This is the same fibre that gets creased by making expressions, and eventually gets so creased it fails to smooth out again when we relax the face, leading to wrinkles. By triggering a lot more of it, the skin is able to get rid of the old damaged collagen, and replace it with new, strong, smoother collagen. Skin looks plumper, smoother and more youthful.  

How does Healite™ LED skin treatment work on Pigmentation?  

Pigmentation, uneven skin tone, brown marks, sun damage...whatever you call it, underneath the skin is the same problem: a pigment-making factory cell called a 'melanocyte' that is out of control. The melanocyte needs to be regulated and calmed down. Healite™ LED is able to do this using nothing more than gentle wavelengths of light and without heat. This is important because many types of pigmentation do not respond well to heat, and will actually get worse if heat is applied. This makes Healite™ LED a reliable option for darker skin tones where laser pigment removal would be dangerous and contra-indicated. And for everyone else with lighter skin tones, Healite LED will augmeant and improve the results of your other pigment reducing treatments. Win Win!