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Jane Iredale The Skincare Makeup

Jane Iredale is a former Hollywood makeup artist, who found her clients sensitive skins were suffering from ordinary makeup.    She pioneered quality mineral makeup - but don't think for a moment it's the usual dusty nonsense that 'mineral makeup' brings to mind.    Jane Iredale represents luxury living, pure botanical infusions in every product, and a skin benefit with every single application.   Your skin will be protected with natural SPF, antioxidants, and will be stay perfect for longer, less touchups required.   

Creative Nail Design

The original, healthiest and authentic nail care from Creative Nail Design.  Free of the usual nasties, safe during pregnancy, always in fashion. 

CND Vinylux is a kind of nail polish which respects your natural nail health.  It's not a gel or shellac.  Rather it's a hybrid blend of normal nail polish infused with vinyl technology.  It paints on normally, then cures in the normal light of the room.  Once dry, it looks very similar to Shellac, smooth and rich.  

Vinylux is designed for those who change their polish weekly.
We stock a wide range of colours to cater for the bridal nudes, right through to those who like it bright.

CND Vinylux and Genuine Shellac Manicures at Natashas Skin Spa Southbank beauty salon

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Pure Fiji Spa

From the purity of the sea minerals, to the luxury of flowers growing in the breeze of the pacific winds ...  Milks of coconut mix with floral treasures to bring your skin the ultimate hydrating care.  Featured in all our manicures, pedicures and massages. 

You'll find that this body lotion is very different in that one night wearing it, and you'll wake up softer to the touch.  

Tuscan Tan

The most trusted tan for weddings and special occasions, totally customised from the lightest kiss to the deepest bronze.  Performed with extraction of mist from the air around you, making for a healthy, enjoyable service for both the client and therapist, and meaning you are drier upon completion so you can dress immediately and carry on with your day.  Then simply enjoy your rich, luxurious colour as you throw on dresses without a thought.  

Tuscan Tan is made right here in Port Melbourne, not far from Southbank, so the formulation is exactly perfect for local climate conditions & the style of Melbourne spray-tan lovers. 


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Skin Needling Home Roller device at Natashas

DNC Roller

This tiny device can infuse your skincare 200% more effectively. 
Imagine the results you can get with such high performing skincare. 

O Cosmedics

Our most beloved skincare range, made in Australia for Australian conditions.  Cosmedical precision skincare that feels amazing to use and gets phenomena results. 

Used in our peels, facials, advanced skin treatments and sold in our physical spa boutique.  

You can buy O Cosmedics online from us as long as you have the passcode, which you can get by calling or emailing us.  

O Cosmedics product collection


DP Dermaceuticals

The creators of Dermapen skin revision treatments have made DP Dermaceuticals to offer a skincare range safe enough to be used immediately after skin needling, botox, laser and all advanced skin procedures.  

DP Dermaceuticals is made in the USA using the latest scientific advances.  It is ideal for skin seeking serious revision as well as skin prone to extreme sensitivity.  

Emergin C New York

A brand with a conscience for the environment, so you can save the planet and your skin. 

One of the first to bring Vitamin C to market, Emergin C features florals, botanicals, in eco-friendly formulas and plant a tree for every product sold

We use it in our Spa Heaven Wellness Facial, Spa 30 facial and some bespoke facials. 


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Lonvitalite masks online at Natashas Skin Spa

Lonvitalite Masks

A range of sheet masks, silk sheets infused with nutrients & botanicals.  
Perfect to plump out your skin at home while dosing with the right ingredients to boost your skin. 

Made in Australia, perfect to recover skin from  long haul flights, or boost it before a special event.  Recommended weekly. 


Grow your own lashes so long, people will think you've had lash extensions.  
Your lashes can be healthy, soft and lush in mere weeks. 

Expect EyEnvy to add 3-5 millimetres of length to your lashes within 6 weeks. 

EyEnvy lash growth serum at Natashas Skin Spa

Isminiheatpacks at Natashas Skin Spa Southbank skin and beauty salon


Home grown lavender from the Melbourne garden of Ismini, sewn into high quality heatpacks.  Larger than your average heatpack making for a lovely lower-back warmth or abdomen warmer. 

The perfect gift and amazing value. 

Natural Look Depil Hair

From this line we stock just 2 products - a hair reduction lotion solution for face, and one for body.  To reduce your hair growth over time simply replace your daily moisturiser with this natural lotion. 

Hair growth will become softer, waxing will be easier and less painful, and the growth will become sparser over time.   Recommended for all hair haters!

Bestow Beauty

What you put on your skin is only half  the story.

Your skin is a reflection of your life. It reflects the quality of your diet, lifestyle and wellbeing. What you apply topically is important, but true skin transformation is only possible when we work from within.

In 2009, Bestow Founder, Janine Tait, combined her two super-powers as a dermo-nutritionist and skin-health expert to develop the Bestow product range and holistic skincare philosophy.