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Hours of Work
Can vary depending on the needs of the business.
All staff agree to be available for late nights when we hold events, which may be beyond the usual hours of work.
All staff agree to be available across all our opening hours even if they have normally had a roster that is regularly certain hours, this can change with the needs of the business.
Hours will be advised with reasonable notice though if they change, we need you to be on board & help us out.

Preparation for work
You are here to care for others, so first put on your oxygen mask. This means you eat breakfast, stay hydrated and wake up with time to get properly ready in the morning.

Uniform Code
You sell beauty, so presentation is everything. Also, look good & feel confident! We don’t do ‘off-days’ here, so make sure you get your laundry done, hair washed & makeup brushes cleaned in time.

Lingerie - smooth lines, nothing showing.
Tunic Top - clean & in good condition. You’ll be given 2 when you start & another 2 every 2 years. If lost or ruined you agree to replace them at your cost. Wash separately in cold water & hang immediately out of the sun to avoid fading and the need to iron.
Trousers - dress pants, to the waist, at least ankle length. No leggings, tights or baggy pants. Must be formal not casual.
Nails - short, shellac’ed or buffed clear. Facialists cannot wear SNS or acrylic as some clients are allergic to it.
Hair - clean & dry. No dirty, dry-shampooed or wet hair at work. Tied back and styled. Regularly cut & if coloured, regularly refreshed.
Makeup - foundation that flatters skin but does not cake it. Some eye makeup and some lip colour.
Lashes - tinted & lifted, no extensions
Skin - cared for & representing what you sell, which is healthy skin
Body skin - hair removed regularly, hydrated & fake tanned
Cold weather - the spa is always warm so we don’t allow tops either over or under the uniform. If it is cold enough to wear extra clothes then clients must be freezing so turn the heating up.
Hot weather - open toed shoes aren’t allowed under City of Melbourne Health Dept rules. You can wear flats with holes punched in them though.

Arrival Time
Is not start time! We suggest an arrival time of 15 minutes prior to your shift start time, to allow you to put away your bag, turn off your phone, go to the bathroom and check your hair & makeup are immaculate.

Start time
The rostered start time is when you start being paid. Please do not walk in at this time, or you will be considered to have arrived late.

Planning Time
To help you hit your target & ensure your clients get the very best care, we pay you for 15 to 30 minutes of Plan Time at the start of each shift.
During this time you read client history notes, treatment plans, and work out the value of each appointment.
You then decide what you will do to increase the value of that appointment. You have time to look at the current offers, think what skincare goes with that treatment, check prices of products you might recommend, and consider any upgrades that would be relevant.

Planning Forms
You write your plans down on a form. Then you write down what you achieved and if the client booked another appointment.
In this way we are constantly prepared, and we feel satisfied that we hit goals.

Treatments ‘Our Way’
Our way is special. Each treatment has a Treatment Protocol with step-by-step instructions. Each step matters and must be followed.
It’s not permitted to change it or just say “Oh no, I didn’t do that bit”.

Clients pay for ‘our way’ and they possibly know the menu better than the staff, since some of them have been here so long.
If you think you know a better way, bring it up in a staff meeting. If management decides it’s a great idea, we will change our Protocol, hold another training, and your idea will be introduced. But until that happens, you must continue to do it ‘our way’.

Repping Our Offer
Our offer to clients is that “We can make you look & feel better, using our treatments & retail products.”
You must positively stand behind our offer every single moment.

This means you never say ‘oh I don’t think that’s necessary’ or ‘I just use Bondi Sands tan’ or ‘No I don’t think you need to wax/tan/wear makeup’.
It is literally what we sell.
Similarly we do not promote ‘natural beauty’ or ‘just doing nothing’. We promote using treatments and products to look & feel the best you possibly can.
If at any time in the future your decide you no longer believe in our offer, it’s time to book a meeting with your manager and discuss either some inspirational training to change your mind, or changing your job.

The Goal
Is that every client has her full service of beauty treatments taken care of here - at Natashas Skin Spa. So never recommend they go elsewhere for anything we do!
Ultimately every client should have….

  • Healthy Skin that doesn’t age more than it absolutely has to = Skin treatments & products from O Cosmedics, DP and Skin Inject

  • Beautiful body skin with no stretchmarks, scars or pigmentation = Skin Treatments, Body Shaper & body products from Pure Fiji

  • Hair management = Laser hair removal

  • Full head of hair = Dermapen scalp

  • Soft healthy feet = The Peelicure, at-home Foot Peels and Lotions

  • Makeup that flatters & looks current = Makeup Lessons, regular makeup updates & products from Jane Iredale

  • Sense of Wellbeing & stress reduction = Massage, Body Treatments, Facials

  • Sense of community & belonging = somewhere to come when they need to top-up their energy levels, feel beautiful and accepted

Win: Win: Win
When you follow our system & do your job well, everyone wins.
The client looks & feels great. The business earns good money. You earn good money & have a high level of job satisfaction.

Start treatments on time
Our clients are busy people who work. They do not like mucking around with their time.
The moment an appointment is booked to start, it should start.
Use the Treatment Protocol to check you have set up properly before your client arrives.
Be ready to walk her in the second she gets here.
Wait outside the door while she changes - don’t go away. She might be quick.

Confirm what is being done before you start
’Today I have you booked in for x, y and z. This is right?

Consult every time
Literally every appointment - no matter how small - requires a quick re-consult.
How was the last one?
Any new skincare / medicines / diets / goals?
Anything happening in the next few days?
This shows we care deeply.

Take the opportunity to suggest improvements to appointments or product routines.
In this way you can easily hit your target & be paid more.

Cross sell
Learn what goes with what. Lashes should be offered brows. Legs should be offered arms. Facials should be offered massage.
Massage should be offered body scrubs. Etc.
In this way you can easily hit your target & be paid more.

Giving Extras
Is not allowed. If you have more time free, you can offer an upgrade and tell the client the price. If they agree, you can do it.
In that case let reception know right away so they don’t book someone else in with you.

Finish Treatments On Time

We don’t run late. Ever. There is never an excuse to run over.
Our clients are so busy, if you run over with them, they will not book again. They’ll think ‘Now I’m late for a meeting, I can’t risk that happening again, I will not book unless I know I have a huge amount of time free.’ You will 100% lose them as a client, even though they’ll tell you it’s fine today. Respect their time & take it seriously.

Art of Handover
When you finish your treatment, go directly to reception and prepare for a handover.
Tea ready, prescription filled in, products ready to show them, prices in your head, and tell reception what you need.
”Today I have done Photo Rejuvenation Face & Neck plus an Oxygen Peel upgrade. I want to see Mary again in 4 weeks for the same thing, plus a Gemlight upgrade. She will take a series of 10 lights today and use them as she goes. I have products to show her.”
Now reception knows what you did & what future booking to discuss.
Client comes out, you show the product & agree what she’s taking. Say goodbye & leave her with reception.
Remember, you do treatments and plans. Reception does appointment scheduling and checkouts.

Respect Your Reception Team
Please do not hang around while reception does checkouts. Nobody likes to be watched while they work, so we don’t do it to our receptionists.
Say goodbye to your guest & trust your reception team mates to do the rest.

Clean Your Room Right Away
A clean, ready-to-rock room could earn an extra few hundred dollars in 5 minutes. Say someone walks in for a quick laser upper lip, then picks up a cleanser, serum and cream while she’s there. You just nailed your target. Do it right away.
Reception may also take people on tours of the spa to show off our beautiful rooms.

Take Clinical Notes
Notes are the only way to know what has been done when you are not here.
If your client calls with a reaction, reception relies on your detailed notes. If she calls to buy a product, they’ll look at who first recommended it and give that therapist the sale, but only if it’s in the notes & plans!

The right way to do notes is use capital letters for the section, and normal case for the rest. Like so:

ALLERGY: any allergies
HEALTH/MED: any medical conditions or health concerns
TAKES: any medicines, herbs, tonics, vitamins, supplements
STRESS: whatever her level is
FITZ: this is important in case you decide to pick up a laser in a future facial
MED: calculate it, record it, and write how long her sun protection time is with an SPF 30. Tell her.
GLOGAU: How bad is her UV damage and photo aging?
TX HISTORY: She will tick that she’s had things before. You need to ask more questions about what they were.
USES AM: Detail in the order it’s used and how.
USES PM: Detail in the order it’s used and how.
USES INTENSIVE: Includes weekly products, occasional products.
CONCERNS: The clients concerns, not yours.
SKIN: Your assessment of the clients skin.
BODY: Your assessment of the clients skin.
LASER: If a test patch has been done, if they are cleared to proceed, if there are special considerations. What setting you used each appointment. If you shaved.
SKINCARE REC AM: PM: INTENSIVE: what you recommend ideally
MAKEUP REC: what you recommend ideally
BODY REC: what you recommend ideally
TX PLAN REC: what you recommend ideally, in what order, with what time frame in between.
TX PLAN AGREED: what the client commits to doing after discussing with you.
NEXT TO BUY: she will take some things today. This is what she is going to get next. You should agree on it together so she knows what’s coming and can plan.
EDU: what topic did you discuss today if any? eg. the role of essential fats in the diet, or how to combine serums together to get better results.
End all notes anywhere in the system with your initials. This is so reception knows who to allocate sales to, and who left what notes.

Give aftercare advice
Every treatment requires some aftercare advice be given, every appointment. Even when someone has been coming for years, they must be reminded what to do.
For advanced treatments, pull up the aftercare page on and talk through it with your client.
Reception will then SMS them the link to this page so they have it with them.

Do not allow photography of products
Clients do this to go online and find it later.
They don’t know our brands aren’t available online except from our own online store.
It turns your chance of making a sale to 0%

Do not suggest buying online later
Make the sale now. The sooner they buy, the sooner the result.

Followup your client
With an SMS or email a few days later. It catches reactions before they progress, makes clients feel special & secures client loyalty.

Laser - day after
Rejuve - day after and a week after
Dermapen - day after and a week after
First facial - day after and week after
Subsequent facials - 3 days after
New skincare product purchased - 3 days after
New body product purchased - a week after
New makeup purchased - 3 days for foundation, no need for the rest unless it’s something they had to learn how to use
Client who is not remembering to use products but has them at home - weekly till they are doing it
Spray tan - day after and a week after
Brows - day after
Lash lifts - day after
Waxing - day after
Sublative - day after, 3 days after, 6 days after, 10 days after, repeat till fully healed
Sublime - day after, week after, month after, 3 months after if not repeating the treatment already

Adverse response to treatments
If your client reports an adverse or ‘'less than awesome’ response to a treatment/product, keep your language positive.
Clients say ‘allergic to’ or ‘reaction’. These are actually medical words that are usually being used incorrectly. It’s so rare to have an allergy.

You say ‘strong response’ and ‘possible side effects of this treatment/product’.
In this case we don’t consult by phone. We need to see them. Book a complimentary Skin Checkup as soon as possible.
Ask for photographs. Advise not to try any new products or cease the advice you gave. Advise your manager.
Make notes.

Powerful Language
We have scripts for everything & it’s important you learn them. They will empower you to communicate effectively with clients & get you respect.

For example, some words are industry words, not for clients ears.
Think of ‘rebook’. This word is banned at Natashas. Do not say it on pain of death!
Rather you say ‘I would like to see you again on x date, does it suit you for reception to look at that for you?”
Never ‘do you wanna rebook?’
See the difference? Words matter. Learn your scripts.

Finishing Work for the Day
Finish times are flexible up to 45 minutes past the last client.
If you are rostered to finish at 7, this means your clients finish at 7. You may be at work until 7.15 or 7.30. Worst case scenario 7.45 if all hell broke loose.
You will be paid until the time you truly finish.
Certain tasks have to be done before leaving each day, no matter what.

1. Room cleaning as per City of Melbourne Health Department requirements:
- floors mopped
- surfaces sanitised
- linen changed
- tools cleaned
- bin emptied & new liner put in
2. Notes entered in case an adverse response occurs overnight & is reported before you arrive tomorrow. Also you will forget them.
3. End of day till balance completed. Receptionists must not be alone during cash up due to robbery risk.
4. Fill in time & target sheet

Please do not ask to leave early. The end of day is as important as the start of day. A good close tonight makes for a great open tomorrow.

Weekly Team Meeting
Show up ready to workshop the current offers, share your wins & find solutions to challenges.
Want to discuss something? Meetings are run to an agenda, so tell your manager if you need a slot for your topic and it will be put in the agenda.
Meetings are not breaks, they’re serious work, so be present & organised.

Individual Team Meeting

New staff will receive a weekly meeting with the manager to track performance and make sure you’re finding your feet. Once you’re signed off as totally across the role, they’ll be far less frequent. You can always request an individual meeting again if you feel like you need one.
In future if you are asked to a meeting with your manager, don’t panic. They are usually a good chance to re-focus and be inspired.

Performance Assessment
Every week you will complete a target sheet. We track 5 areas of your performance:

How much money you bring in each hour of work
How many clients choose to secure a future reservation with you before leaving
How many clients are choosing not to return over time, the silent leavers
How many new clients you are converting to regulars
How many promotions you are selling

Bonus Payment
Each of the above areas has a minimum level you have to hit to stay employed.
When you hit that level, bonus payments kick in.
The bonus structure can change, and does not form part of your employment agreement, hence it’s called a ‘bonus’ and not a ‘benefit’.

Currently the bonus structure is:
$120 per hour = extra $1.31 per hour worked in your pay
$130 per hour = extra $1.97 per hour worked in your pay
$140 per hour = extra $2.63 per hour worked in your pay
$150 per hour = extra $3.94 per hour worked in your pay

Bonuses are only paid when 75% of your clients choose to make a future reservation.
This avoids the risk that therapists push & oversell to their clients to achieve a single big week, but actually lose the client and have no future bookings.

Note - the extra money per hour is not a pay rise. It applies to that single week. Therefore it does not attract superannuation. You pay rate remains the same as in your original agreement.

Pay Rises
The Award Wage increases every year on July 1 at a rate set by the Australian Government. You will receive this without asking. This ensures that as the cost of living goes up, so does your pay.
You can earn unlimited extra income through the bonus structure.
If you wish to ask for a pay rise, book a meeting and be prepared to demonstrate why you are financially more profitable to us than before and deserve more money.

What if you don’t hit your Performance Targets?
It would mean you’re not profitable for us to keep on. Everyone gets a few months to get up to speed, except in peak seasons where it’s ridiculously easy to hit them and you’ll get a month. We have regular meetings, trainings and offers to get you achieving and a win:win for all.
If you don’t hit your target after this time, your job is at risk & you will be put on a management plan with a timeline to correct the situation.

Management style
Open & easy communication is our jam. Send a text, an email, book a quick meeting or ask for a second of your managers time.
If you want to learn something new, we will help you. Got a problem? Most things are fixable. Keep talking, it’s always the answer.

Supervision Sessions
”Supervision” is something practiced in social work, and we have adopted it for the mental health of our team.
Sometimes strange or hard things happen at work. Rather than bottle it up, or gossip about it and spread negativity, ask your manager for a “supervision session.” This can be as short as a few minutes, or much longer. It’s where you have dedicated time with your manager to talk about what’s gone on, or going on in general. It’s a chance to let it out & not have to be super positive all the time. You might then make a plan together to tackle the issue, or not - you might have just needed an off-load.

Safe Space Policy
We welcome all genders, nationalities, faiths and sexualities.
This means if you hear a client or staff member being racist or degrading a particular group of people, you need to tell them it’s not acceptable in our space. If you aren’t comfortable to do that, tell your manager. We do not want to risk that another client hear what the first client is saying, and feel unsafe or unwelcome.
You will be expected to provide services to and treat all genders, nationalities, faiths and sexualities with the same level of enthusiasm, passion and care.

Short Breaks
You get two 10 minute breaks every 8 hour shift, which you get paid for. They’re to be taken at time that suits the flow of the business on the day, so we don’t roster them in. Just let reception know when you think you will take one, and they’ll yay or nay it.

Lunch Breaks
You get a 30 minute lunch break every 8 hour shift, which you don’t get paid for. It will be rostered in the book by the receptionists, who decide what time it best suits the business to have it. It may be moved depending on the needs of the business on the day, so don’t book yourself anything special to do in this time unless you are flexible with when it can happen.
Lunch breaks are for refreshing yourself, so please eat, re-hydrate, touch up your makeup and take a proper rest.

Bathroom stops
We don’t have a bathroom inside the spa, it’s upstairs in the centre. You have to go when you have to go, so please take the time between clients to avoid disruption. Let someone else know you are leaving the spa & never leave reception unattended with an unlocked door, even if another therapist is in a treatment room at the time.

It only takes a moment to clear out a pre-Christmas cash drawer, or sweep a shelf full of $129 serums into a handbag, and it does happen.
Never, ever leave reception unattended with the door unlocked, even if you are in the treatment room and think you will hear someone come in.
Our cameras will pick up anyone coming in and see theft occurring, as they cover all parts of the stock room, retail space and reception, but it will be too late if the person is not known to us.

Personal Belongings at Work
You have a locker with a key for your bag, jacket, and anything else you bring along. Don’t leave anything outside this locker. Clients have been known to enter staff areas & grab things. You would also never want to have to question your team members if you lost something at work, how awful. Jewellery if removed needs to go inside your personal locker, never keep it in the treatment room. Many a therapist has gone back into a room to find her ring has been lifted as a client got dressed. It is nearly impossible to accuse a client of theft, so be alert.

Leave Requests
Please send an email to your manager to ask for leave.
If you ask in person this is what will happen: she will hear you, be busy, forget the details and you will think she’s not interested. She also cannot possibly tell you on the fly.
Email her the dates you want off, what your last available day for working a shift will be, what your first available day back will be and what kind of leave it is.
For example, if it’s your annual holidays, or if it’s for a medical appointment.
What we don’t want you to do is not say what it’s for, then get annoyed when it’s denied because we had no idea you needed a doctors visit.
Leave requests for days off need to be made at least a month in advance. The more notice the better, and the more likely you will get a yes.

Being Sick
It sucks and it happens to everyone. Tell your manager the moment you know. If you only SMS you don’t know we got it - maybe her phone is flat. So make sure you keep trying to get in touch until you actually hear back. Either a reply SMS or you get her on the phone.
Nobody gets in trouble for being sick, but don’t take the mickey, because one day it might be you that gets called in to cover someone at no notice!
If you call in sick then we see you on social media at a festival, or we find out you were out the night before partying, it’s going to result in a meeting and a formal warning. Plan your time off around your social calendar so you can fulfill your obligations to your clients & still respect yourself.

When it’s time to move on
People get weird about this part. Do you know we have several ex-employees who we have helped start their own business? Natasha still mentors her very first employee Abbey, who owns both Brightside Skin & Body and M.E. Skincare. We want you to move from us to the next level, never sideways.
When your time comes, we would rather you told us you were thinking about it, and we planned together for the smoothest exit for both you, the clients and us.

Non Solicitation & Trust
It’s forbidden to discuss future career moves with clients, especially once you decide you’re leaving. The clients definitely belong to the business, as we pay for the marketing to secure them, the facilities and staff to serve them. If we found out a team member was letting clients know they were going, that would constitute a serious breach of contract and be grounds for immediate termination without notice.
We would serve a Cease & Desist notice to the team member, and possibly seek damages for solicitation. Lots of staff in our industry think this is impossible, but it’s happened many times in Victoria and is totally inside the law. Employees can be sued.
But more than that, it makes clients extremely uncomfortable: asking them to follow you, when this is the place they chose to come, is unfair. If you care about clients, don’t ever put them in that position.
Staff agree not to work within a 2km radius for 6 months after leaving our employment. This clause can be read down to an enforceable levell without negating any other clause.

Data Breaches
The Australian government has legislation in place to protect the personal data of it’s citizens.
From February 23, 2018 all businesses in Australia are required under Australian law to report any data breaches which relate to personal data to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).
This means that if a staff member were to take client names, surnames, phone numbers or social media information outside the business, we would be required under Australian law to report a Personal Data Information Breach. We would seek damages from the staff member because of the reputation loss this would cause us.