Botox & Filler Aftercare

Have you booked for Botox, Dysport or ‘cosmetic relaxer anti-wrinkle injections’ at Natashas Skin Spa on Southbank?
If so, you may have been sent the link for this page.

When you made your booking our reservationist will have called to ask a few intake questions.

This will include asking if you’re on any medications.
If the answer was yes, Dr Alfy may call you to talk about how they might impact your treatment, and work with you to
ensure they don’t interfere with your treatment on the day.
Under no circumstances should you discontinue any prescribed medication unless expressly directed by a doctor.
If you’re unsure, give us a quick phone call before deciding to stop anything on your own.

Grab your diary NOW & make sure your schedule allows for aftercare

Ensure you can have some social down-time for a few days after your treatment. You may have a little swelling, bruising is possible, and you may want to take it a little easy.
Some people experience mild flu-like symptoms after wrinkle relaxer injections, so we ideally recommend Fridays or Saturdays for these sessions to allow you Sunday to rest.
You won’t look shocking, but you won’t feel like having your profile pic updated either. Allow at least a week between an appointment and social events.

On the day you’ll be asked not to lie down for at least 4 hours following treatment, so it’s a good idea to have a good nights sleep the night before. Does your work schedule allow for this the day before hand?

Many cosmetic injectable appointments are booked for the end of a working day, just remember you can go home and relax, but not go to bed for 4 hours.
When you do sleep, you must avoid sleeping on your face for several days after treatment.

A week before your botox, dysport or filler appointment, stop taking any

  • fish oil supplements

  • vitamin A or vitamin E supplement, unless medically prescribed

  • aspirin or ibuprofen

    Follow the Post Treatment Instructions to the letter

    As with all treatments, not following the aftercare means we can’t stand by our treatment.

    Call us if you have any concerns

    There are no silly questions, and we would rather hear from you at 3am than hear you tried something weird, or went to Dr Google.
    Natashas Skin Spa clinic number is 03 9696 1189.
    After hours our number is 0434 082 354.
    Dr Alfy Ordukaya is available on 0413 769 910.