Neck skin differs to the skin on other areas of your face and body, in that it is both thinner and harder to revitalise than other areas. 

As the neck constantly moves, it's not possible to treat it with Botox or FIllers.  For the neck we must reach the collagen and revitalise skins own tissue. 
Neck rejuvenation requires a longer-term approach with repeat collagen stimulation treatments.  The following are the best in show.

Sublime RF Skin Tightening
Using radio waves to contract and tighten the existing collagen fibres, some mild firming is seen in a single treatment.  Better results are seen with a series of 3-6 taken over as many months.  Sublime is very comfortable to receive.  
Expect pinkness lasting a day, easily covered with Jane Iredale The Skincare Makeup.  
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Sublative RF Rejuvenation
A more intensive style of radio wave, entering then spreading underneath the skin for a more complete revitalisation.   Expect red dots on the skin at the entry points, lasting 5-7 days.  It's possible to cover it with makeup after 24 hours, but you will not wish to be photographed for a few days and may prefer your treatment to be scheduled before your days off work.  Sublative can be a little uncomfortable, but the results quickly make you forget it. 
Recommended 1-6 times over as many months. 
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Our most popular treatment because it has no downtime and is painless.  Tiny needles enter the skin to 1.0mm depth, where they trigger production of new firming fibres, while also breaking down old, brittle and useless old collagen.  The results are seen over a course of treatments, we suggest 6 in a row for neck treatment. 
Dermapen treatment typically includes your face, eye area, neck and decolletage in one treatment.  Expect pinkess lasting 12 hours, easliy covered with makeup right away.   30 minutes, no downtime. 
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Recommended Skincare
O Cosmedics Comfort Cream, O Cosmedics Immortal Cream, Pure Age Defiance peptide-rich serum, Emergin C Vitamin C 20% serum, DNC Roller, DP Retinal Activ Cream,  O Cosmedics Potent Retinol Serum, Bestow Beauty Plus+ oil taken 1 tablespoon daily in food.